‘Tis the Pawsome Season


It’s no secret around my family that I love each and every holiday.  Whether it’s giving a special person or a pet a little treat, sending a special card, or going deep with the decor that’s hauled out from the closet, I’m game. If I’m critisized for my indulgence of whatever holiday, I immediately use my go to words of “it’s festive” to smooth over the fact I simply like to celebrate and change it up. Christmas is different. No excuses needed. And when it comes to Goodnewsforpets.com, we like to celebrate here too.

We go all out this year with a fantastic 15th Anniversary contest partnering with Kathy Ireland’s Loved Ones, a video on yummy gingerbread cookies, calling attention to where to get funky Grinch costumes, reviewing charming children’s books, and promoting the American Veterinary Medical Association tips for making the holidays safer.  We’ve got a special feature on grooming to get your pet in tip-top shape. It’s all for the dogs.

And speaking of dogs, we’ve got Elaine Gewirtz, our latest interview subject to tell us about the special Dog Writers of America Writing Seminar & Banquet Luncheon coming up February 14, 2016. If you are interested in dog writing, this event is for you, so be sure to register.

Since we started publishing Goodnewsforpets in 2000, our focus on pets during the holidays has blossomed beyond my wildest dreams. I say, bring it on! We love our families, we love our pets, and we love all the holidays. Let’s celebrate the season.  We’ll be back to the “real” news soon enough. Happy Holidays my friends.


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