Simon’s New Bed

Simon's New BedDogs love a new bed, but so do cats! In “Simon’s New Bed” by author Christian Trimmer,  the pup Simon has a brand-new dog bed. This book is available from the renowned Books of Wonder in New York City. Here’s their review of the book and Simon’s plight:
“It’s shiny, with comfy-looking, bright red cushions and he can’t wait to sleep in it. But when he goes to try it out, he discovers the family cat Miss Adora Belle napping in his brand-new bed. He tries barking, making her jealous, even carrying the bed all around the house. She won’t budge. He even gets down on his paws and begs! But nothing works… until Simon realizes there’s one more thing he can try. Available from the renowned New York City Books of Wonder. If you can’t stop in, you can order online here. Your young readers will laugh out loud at this classic tale of sibling rivalry, as they discover that sharing is a great way to resolve an argument.” – Books of Wonder

Available for $17.99 at Books of Wonder, 18 West 18th Street, NY 10011 or via the store’s website, Item Number: N55-159713 at Signed copies are available for a limited time.

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