Sweet Visits at Indy!


This year’s AVMA convention in Indianapolis was fab for so many reasons. Tops on the list is attending the Fear Free dinner to learn the latest innovations about this exciting program. Dr. Marty Becker has come so very far and we will have much exciting news to share on that very soon.

luna GNFP Digital avma convention

Luna, the GNFP Digital Pug, doing a quality check before the AVMA convention.

I love all the catch-up visits with so many veterinary and veterinary medicine related colleagues – a quick chat in the hall to a pressroom sit-down to a café lunch.

While I had to miss the actual ceremony, I was thrilled to hear Joan Miller had won the AVMA Humane Award and so glad we were able to cover it here. There is no greater champion lobbyist for cats than Joan.  Well deserved Joan, well deserved.

Speaking of cat vets, Dr. Elizabeth Colleran, dipl ABVP, and founder of the AAFP’s Cat Friendly Practice, packed the room lecturing for five hours straight. I attended several sessions and was in awe of her energy level to the very end.

luna avma convention gnfp digital

Luna enjoying a quick break with the AVMA convention news.


Equally thrilling is our coverage here of Deb Barnes delightful Makin’ Biscuits book – winner of the Goodnewsforpets award. Deb is the consummate cat lover and author. We are featuring her book at SuperZoo and will be running a contest featuring the book right here on the site. Be sure to watch out for our SuperZoo product roundup with all our favorite picks!

The best is now all through AVMA and now on to SuperZoo I’ve had a new traveling companion – Luna, the Pug who received quite a bit of attention. Stay tuned for more from Luna too!


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