Survey Shows Cat Friendly Practice® Designation is a Game Changer


Being a Cat Friendly Practice® Has Positive Impact on Staff, Patients, and Clients

Fresh data from the American Association of Feline Practitioners’ (AAFP) 2016 Cat Friendly Practice® (CFP) survey reveals that the program is significantly impacting the veterinary community.  The Cat Friendly Practice® program has a near perfect satisfaction rate, therefore unequivocally having a positive impact for cat clients, veterinary clinics, and their staff dynamics.

The AAFP’s Cat Friendly Practice® program was launched in North America in 2012 by feline practitioners who introduced a Cat Friendly movement that formed the foundation for reducing stress during feline visits, as well as produced the tools for veterinary practices to do so. The AAFP was the first major veterinary organization in North America to create a program that assesses the practice from a cat’s perspective, and implements ways to minimize stress associated with veterinary visits for both cats, caregivers, and the veterinary team.  The result is a cat‐friendly practice environment with veterinary staff who acknowledge the essential role of the cat caregiver before and during the visit, as well as understand cats’ unique needs and behaviors.  The Cat Friendly Practice® program focuses solely on cats by building a feline culture that places the well‐being of cats at the center by serving the feline mind and body.

aafp cat friendly practiceThe Cat Friendly Practice® program CAN positively impact your practice as uncovered in this survey:

  • 99% satisfaction rate makes the Cat Friendly Practice® program a game changer.
  • 99% of CFPs would recommend the CFP program to other veterinary professionals.
  • 90% have seen an improvement in feline knowledge and care among staff since instituting the CFP program.
  • 86% credit CFP for positively impacting team morale and dynamics when handling, treating, and caring for cats.
  • Top benefits respondents have experienced because they are a CFP are:
    • Less stress on feline patients.
    • Higher satisfaction among current clients with cats.
    • Demonstrates how much we care about our patients.
    • Improved retention or more frequent visits from existing cat owner clients.
    • More staff time and attention for each visit with feline patients.
  • 77% state they have seen an increase in feline visits because they are a CFP.
  • 77% have received positive response from clients on being a CFP.
  • 73% attribute their increase in revenue to implementing the CFP program.
  • 52% have seen a reduction in staff handling injuries in the last year since becoming a CFP.

Here are a few direct quotes from current Cat Friendly Practices® when asked, “why would you recommend the CFP program to other professionals:”

“CFP helps ‘be the change’ in the clinic to adjust outlook for feline‐friendly practice.  It opens your eyes to how our patients may be feeling about what we try to do.”

“CFP helps elevate the standard of care for cats, which is beneficial to the entire profession.”

“The CFP program has helped us serve our feline patients better and has been a great way for cat owners to find us.”

“CFP has increased feline patient visits plus it has shown our dedication to the care and treatment of felines.”

As of January 24, 2017, the AAFP has approved 1,074 veterinary practices as designated CFPs, with 538 more in the designation process.

The Cat Friendly Practice® program in North and South America is a complimentary benefit for AAFP members (to renew or join, visit: Clinics located in Europe, Asia, and Australia are encouraged to complete the ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic program (

By minimizing the stress and anxiety associated with veterinary visits for both cats and their caregivers, CFP is leading to more cats getting the essential veterinary healthcare they so desperately need.  It’s all about doing better for cats.  Period.

To learn more about the CFP program, visit:


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