Fall Arrives, Pain is a Focus This Month, And Did You Know…..


Did you know that this week (the last full week in September) is Deaf Dog Awareness Week? I knew yesterday was the first day of fall, I knew about the Zoetis sponsored IVAPM’s Pain Awareness Month, I knew today is National Checkers Day and Dogs in Politics Day, but no, I didn’t know about this week. I found out in the process of editing our latest heartwarming story from long-time contributor Ranny Green’s guest article,

Many holidays and celebrations have come and gone since my team at the time and I launched, “Pet’s Need Dental Care, Too” for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, the AVMA and the AVDS during February’s Pet Dental Health Month.  I’m happy to say that award-winning campaign stood the test of time and while it is a distant memory, oral care for pets is indeed standard practice in veterinary clinics and dental care products are widely available online and in pet stores.

September and October have always been awareness months and we’ve called attention to Disaster Preparedness Month with tips from the AVMA. Our post includes a link to a great brochure to prepare an emergency kit  that is free to download. Speaking of the AVMA, the organization has been hard at work supporting new legislation about the dangers of xylitol to pets.

But getting back to the topic at hand, deaf dogs and their wonderful owners. A great resource is of course your veterinarian, but specific to deaf dogs, the Deaf Dog Education Action Fund is filled with great information and links to additional resources.

In these challenging times, it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our pets have been here for us every step of the way, and thank goodness for that. Their unconditional love is a welcome relief and caring for them bonds us closer.  Review your pet emergency kit, watch for any signs of pain, and after you read Ranny’s story, you just might be inspired to learn more about deaf dogs and all the possibilities of love and inspiration they offer. I know I did.

Stay well and safe with your pets,



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