Cattitude, Celebrations Are A Thing, With CWA It’s All Good Things


I’m always up for a celebration. Next year will be the 20th anniversary of and I can’t wait. As CWA was Goodnewsforpets’ first media sponsor, it was a special treat to participate in the planning committee of the CWA 25th Anniversary Conference and Awards Banquet. Germinder + Associates, Goodnewsforpets and GNFP Digital also stepped up as top level sponsors. The culmination was being with my fellow CWA members and presenting once again at the conference. All good.

The good is in seeing everyone come together for a common cause, in this case for the love of cats and the love of an organization that keeps beating on despite the rapid changes in journalism and public relations. I spoke about those changes in my presentation, What’s Your Story Now? Own It! ….to this fantastic group of feline influencers. Many CWA members are engaged with brands and cat lovers, but some still need to find each other. I hope my presentation and the presentations of others will lead to that engagement with more members and as an organization. From the buzz it certainly sounds promising!

I was especially thrilled to work with all the presidents these many years, but for this celebration, hats off to Deb Barnes joined by past presidents Marci Kladnik and Amy Shojai and vice-president Paula Gregg for your leadership. I added what I could to Sharon Melynk’s pawsome social committee. As a sponsor, I am in paw of Janiss Garza’s skills, salute her incredible volunteerism as demonstrated by her winning the Michael Brim Award and am grateful for her interview.

Katherine Kern is a magnificent choice from independent judge Lisa Lippman, DVM for the Goodnewsforpets Human-Animal Bond Award. Goodnewsforpets was launched to get out the good word about veterinary medicine, so I am especially pleased about her judging and her selection of Kern’s (a.k.a. Momma Kat)post in CWA’s anniversary 25th year.

I was intrigued by what the Purina researchers Dr. Janet Jackson and Dr. Kurt Venator  had to say about wet food. We’ll be writing more on that but in the meantime, they’ve got a great resource site.  It was great to finally meet the behind-the-scenes folks at Purina, the original first sponsor of CWA, thanks to Amy Shojai. I was delighted to bring them in as a sponsor. All the sponsors I had the opportunity to work with were a pleasure to work with and I hear through the grapevine many (all?!) thanks to Deb Barnes and team’s hard work plan to return.

We partnered with CWA five years after the organization formed but oh what a partnership it’s been. We have been proud to promote the organization and its members. We’ve been proud to attend the conferences. I’ve been proud to be a member. In fact, my first meeting was in Kansas City where Germinder + Associates and Goodnewsforpets were launched.

Now cattitude is cool, but the CWA folks always knew that ‘tude was cool, well, way before it was “a thing.”

Congratulations CWA, you do celebrations well.  Yes, it’s a thing and we were delighted to be a part of it.

Now on to your next 20 years and Goodnewsforpets soon to be 20th! It’s also a thing, another good thing!

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Have A Safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Lea-Ann Germinder

Janiss Garza CWA 25th Anniversary Interview with Lea-Ann Germinder



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