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(Western Veterinary Conference, Las Vegas– February 20, 2000) – –, a niche web site developed as the media’s web-based source for pet news, debuts today at the world’s largest veterinary conference. The launch coincides with the opening of the conference virtual newsroom sponsored by Merial. The newsroom will be open for breaking news from the conference and exhibitors posting information to the site February 20 through February 24, 2000.

In addition to Western Veterinary Conference and Merial, joining in the site launch with sponsored sections, links or releases on the site are Fort Dodge Animal Health, Addison Laboratories, the National Association of Veterinary Technicians and the American Animal Hospital Association. The Cat Writers’ Association and the Dog Writers Association of America have also joined the site as media association members. The site is free to the media with funding provided by the sponsors.

“The site has been developed with input from both members of the media and industry contacts we’ve worked with on animal health issues and products over the last five years. We’re pleased with the content of the launch edition. The site will continue to expand, and ultimately we hope it will become a one-stop resource for writers, reporters, producers, and radio and television hosts looking for pet and veterinary medicine story ideas,” said Lea-Ann Germinder, APR, president of Germinder & Associates, Inc.

Joining as a site contributor with resource material for the media is Steve Dale, veteran newspaper reporter, award-winning writer, author and nationally syndicated “My Pet World” columnist and WGN “Pet Central” radio show host. Considered the “Ann Landers” of the pet world, Dale hopes his participation in the site will spark even more interest in pet books and pet care with the general consumer media. Dale will be available for broadcast interviews, his site book interviews can be reprinted verbatim, and his weekly and archived columns will provide additional content rich information. The launch edition features:

  • “The Truth about Pet Dumps – Is There an End to Throw Away Pets?” — Dale’s first weekly column with the breaking story about more pet dumps found nationwide – and what is being done about them.
  • Dale’s first monthly author interview posted in the Book Center and featuring the internationally known behaviorist, Pam Bennett. Bennett discusses her new book, titled, “Think Like a Cat.” The author’s publishing house and media contact information is available for media to set up their own interviews.

Other stories of interest in the launch edition of include:

  • Western Veterinary Conference News — the latest breakthroughs in veterinary medicine debuting at the Western Veterinary Conference Virtual Newsroom sponsored by Merial.
  • News from Addison Laboratories and other exhibitors in both the Conference Virtual Newsroom and News Release Center.
  • “Veterinary Technicians – Dedicated Professionals on Your Pets’ Health Care Team” — The National Veterinary Technician Association’s newsroom where reporters can learn how certified technicians are changing the level of veterinary care.
  • “Giardia Prevention Is Here” — Fort Dodge Animal Health’s newsroom with helpful giardia prevention tips and a sample streaming video about this little known but widespread health threat to dogs and cats.
  • “What’s Up Doc?” — The American Animal Hospital Association’s Annual Pet Owner Survey Findings Release and an e-mail link for reporters to order a copy of the survey media kit.
  • “Cat Writers’ Association Announced Medallion Award Winners” – news, book author interview information, and media contacts from the Cat Writers Association.
  • Animal Health Links – content rich sites selected by the site developers from the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Animal Hospital Association, the American Kennel Club, and the Mark Morris Animal Foundation.
  • Additional Feature Headlines in the News Release Center. was developed by Germinder & Associates’ web-based public relations services division,, LLC, in partnership with Yulan Studio. The site’s design and concept was based on research on current web-based services and company president’ Lea-Ann Germinder’s 20 years in public relations. The team also worked together previously on another animal health web site, the first launch of the award-winning


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