Who Won the 2019 CWA Michael Brim Distinquished Service Award?


Janiss Garza & Summer

Janiss Garza, author, editor, award-winning blogger, founder of FitCat Publishing and CWA website editor won the 2019 CWA Michael Brim Distinquished Service Award May 18 at the CWA 25th Anniversary Banquet in St. Louis, Missouri. Summer, Garza’s therapy cat and an Instagram influencer in her own right was in attendance.

The MICHAEL BRIM DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD, sponsored by CWA, honors extraordinary achievement and communications excellence. It recognizes the person who, by word, deed, public communication, and professional excellence best promotes the ideals, mission, and best interest of the Cat Writers’ Association.

Nominees can include (but are not limited to) writers, editors, or publicists whose published work or actions have had a significant impact on improving the quality of life of cats, educating the public, promoting responsible cat breeding and ownership, and/or facilitating the professional growth of cat writers.

The honoree receives $500 and his or her name engraved on a permanent commemorative plaque that is displayed at the offices of the Cat Fanciers’ Association Foundation.

Michael Brim, CWA Co-Founder

Michael Brim was instrumental in his lifetime in promoting many things that benefited cats – increasing the awareness, education, and responsibility of owners and improving the lives of cats overall (as advertising director of Cats Magazine); publicizing the value of purebred cats, responsible breeding, and the showing of cats (as the Cat Fanciers’ Association’s first public relations and marketing manager); and facilitating writers’ and illustrators’ professional growth (in co-founding the Cat Writers’ Association).

The CWA goal with this award is to honor others whose writing and deeds share and reflect Michael’s varied accomplishments.

Garza was also the recipient of the Sleepypod Traveler Award for her entry “Five Things They Don’t Tell You About Flying with Your Cat.”  on her sparklecat.com blog. We highly recommend you check it out!

Congratulations Janiss, well deserved!

For more information about the Michael Brim Award, click here.

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An Interview with CWA Member, Janiss Garza


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