Bones & Chews All-Natural Dental Chew Sticks, 32 count


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We apologize this product does not appear to be available from Chewy right now due to the Coronavirus-19 pandemic. We are researching further. Please see the comments in our community and thanks for stopping by! — Updated 6/29/20

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Don’t wait for Pet Dental Health Month to clean your dog’s teeth! Oral health is important to keep up every day, and treats can count too! Treat your pal to a tasty treat and fresh breath all-in-one, with Bones & Chews Dental Sticks.

Made with an all-natural chicken flavor, this two-in-one treat helps clean dogs’ teeth and freshen breath, all while satisfying the canine instinct to chew. Its chewy texture helps scrub off plaque and tartar buildup, while your dog stays busy chewing away.

The unique six-point shape means more tartar-scraping tips to reach even those back teeth, supporting a cleaner mouth and fresher breath. These easily digestible treats do not contain any added sugar or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, so you can feel good about using them as your go-to dental treat. They are proudly and safely crafted in the USA using trusted ingredients from the USA and trusted sources around the world. Plus, they can be broken up to treat smaller breeds.

Key Benefits

  • Dental sticks have a chewy texture that helps clean teeth, freshen breath and support oral health while satisfying your dog’s need to chew.
  • Unique six-point shape helps scrub tartar and fight plaque—even on hard-to-reach teeth—and provides a more substantial chewing factor for your pal.
  • Made with an all-natural chicken flavor dogs find irresistible, so they’ll love chewing on this dental stick every time.
  • Zero added sugars—just easily digestible ingredients that are easy on dogs’ stomachs. Give them whole or break them up for smaller dogs.
  • Does not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and is proudly crafted in the USA with ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers around the world.

Priced at $9.99 Free one-two day shipping with orders over $49.

Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d Dental Care Chicken Flavor Small Bites Dry Dog Food


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  1. I’m trying to find some, been using for almost 2 yrs. Cant find them, chewy changes

  2. Just checked Chewy and see they are out of stock. Challenging times means shipping challenges too. Did you try the company direct?

  3. The company changed their name. It is now True Acres Food. Same exact product though.

  4. I’m trying to find them to, my dog loves them so much, I guess from what I read on the package there made just for chewy .com

  5. The product has been renamed True Acres all natural dental treats. Same product still sold on chewy

  6. Michal Anne Speck on

    Chewy has them! After continuously being told they are out of stock, I searched “True Acres Food dental treats (thank you for the suggestion to check under a different brand name) Not only does Chewy have them, but they even have a picture of the Bones and Chews version next to the True Acres version, saying they were the same, just a different brand name!! Don’t you think they would have suggested that on their site or when speaking to customer service re: this product?

  7. Barbara A. Dotterer on

    Youare absolutely correct. I just ordered them from Chewy as True Acres. When you click on picture, the description of the item shows up. Below that is a picture of the Bones & Chews bag and an arrow pointing to the True Acres bag stating “same item, new name”. Thank youTami!

  8. Susanne Hanson on

    They are distributed by Chewy, INC, so don’t think we’ll find them anywhere else. We all need to call Chewy at 1-800-672-4399 and rattle their chain to get this item back if at all possible. My dogs are ticked at me, they don’t comprehend Corona Virus. ‍♀️

  9. Please read the comments in our community. If we have a further update we will let you know.

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