Western Veterinary Conference Announces New Annual Conference Dates Feb 17-19, 2019


wvcThe Annual Conference will continue to offer access to superior continuing education in a more efficient timeframe

WVC Annual Conference show organizers annually survey their more than 14,000 participants in an effort to gain show-related insight. In response to the needs reflected in the feedback, WVC is moving their conference back to February and has shortened the duration by one day.  New dates for the WVC Annual Conference will be February 17-20, 2019 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  The conference dates will stay on President’s Day Week, with an exception in 2021 due to “MAGIC” reserving much of the convention space in the city for their international apparel show.

“WVC’s goal is to always respond to the needs of the profession and our participants. Additionally, we constantly strive to provide the best value and experience possible for those attending our events. Moving the WVC Annual Conference back to February means more reasonable hotel room rates and increased availability and less competition with other major conferences in the United States #1 ranked Trade Show destination,” stated David Little, WVC, Chief Executive Officer.


In addition to moving dates to February, WVC will also shorten the duration of the conference by one day.  The conference will continue to launch on Sunday morning but will finish at the end of the day on Wednesday. Educational programming times will be adjusted to ensure all conference participants will continue to have a full menu of high-quality and diverse learning opportunities and will have the ability to obtain all required annual CE hours at one event.


“We understand and are sensitive to the pressures on veterinary professionals, time being one of the most important and the one there never seems to be enough of,” stated Tony Pease, DVM, WVC Chief Veterinary Medical Officer. “In order to provide maximum value to our participants, it means allowing them to get all of the continuing education they can; covering all of the topics important to them; all the while being considerate of their need to get back to their day job.”


WVC offers numerous year-round, hands-on, educational programs at the state-of-the-art Oquendo Center in Las Vegas. In 2018, WVC will host a Spring and Summer Veterinary Technician Symposium, Women’s Veterinary Summit, Recent Graduate Symposium, and Destination CE in Costa Rica. For more information about WVC and continuing education course offerings, visit wvc.org.


To access details about WVC Annual Conference registration, special announcements, workshops, labs and activities, visit wvc.org/conference.




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