New York City Goes to the Dogs and Cats With Return of AKC Meet the Breeds


The 11th annual AKC Meet The Breeds returns to New York City’s Jacob Javits Center on January 25 and 26, 2020. The American Kennel Club  (AKC) and The International Cat Association (TICA®) bring this two-day educational event to New York to give attendees the unique opportunity to meet and play with hundreds of dogs and cats all while learning about responsible pet ownership and which breed(s) is best for their lifestyle straight from the experts.

The Puppy Pack Park is an all-new attraction at Meet the Breeds, set up to replicate a dog park that includes a designated off-leash area where puppies play. Only VIPs will have access to the off-leash section in the park. Otherwise, consumers can walk around in the park to pet many purebred dogs who are on-leash with their owners to discuss raising a puppy! The Puppy Pack and AKC Dog Stars will be in the park to interact with visitors.

“We’re very excited for the 11th annual AKC Meet the Breeds event,” said Gina DiNardo, Executive Secretary of the American Kennel Club. “We can’t wait for the public to see all of the demonstrations we have planned and meet the hundreds of dogs and cats that will be on hand. It’s the perfect opportunity for people to do their research and find what breed best fits their lifestyle.”

The 2020 event, the largest of its kind in the United States, will feature demonstrations by New York City K-9 Police Officers, sponsored by the US Police Canine Association, as well as popular sports, including AKC Agility and AKC Scent Work, presented by the Port Chester Obedience Training Club and other groups.

From Afghan Hounds to the Turkish Van and everything in between, AKC Meet the Breeds® gives pet lovers the unique opportunity to meet and play with more than 150 different dog and cat breeds in booths individually decorated to depict each breed’s country of origin, historical purpose/function, and attributes as a family pet, all while learning about responsible pet ownership and which breeds may be right for them. Event sponsors include AKC Pet Insurance, Motel 6, TrailTrax, AKCSM Visa® Card, and Pet Brands Products, LLC.

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  1. I’m really thrilled and impressed by the work of the AKC in recognizing and classifying various breeds of animals (especially dogs in this context. However, I would like for them to adjust their judgement of breeds to accommodate some breeds such as the MINI FRENCH BULL DOG

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