Video Interview: Dr. Courtney Campbell Talks COVID-19, Keeping Pets Well, Mentorship and More



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Updated post from original version June 2020.

Talk about doing double duty! Dr. Courtney Campbell, DVM, DACVS-SA is a busy veterinary surgeon and is also host and producer of Vet Candy.  He’s also the recipient of the 2020 Global Pet Expo’s media personality of the year award. Now this interview is doing double duty too. Last year he spoke about COVID-19 and pets to Zinaejah Ozier as part of our parent company Germinder + Associates Power of Pink Initiative.

The goal of the “Interviews with Zinaejah Ozier” series was to join in conversation through the eyes of a young leader speaking with Black leaders. We are reposting the interview here for the Goodnewsforpets community as Dr. Campbell is also a leader in veterinary medicine. Ozier also spoke with Campbell the importance of keeping our pets healthy and safe especially after the world found out that pets too are susceptible to the virus.

“We’re all one true planetary tribe. We’re all in this together, meaning our pets too,” said Campbell. “This pandemic has underscored how important the human-animal bond is.”

The two also went on to discuss the mental stress and emotional factors that quarantine has added on to the lives of pet owners. Both Campbell and Ozier are around animals quite often, and they both agreed that our pets are helping us to fight through these hard times, which further shows us that we are, in fact, all in this together.

During the interview Campbell also spoke about the meaning of the series and how it was founded.

“It comes down to three different things; being smart simple and sweet,” said Campbell. “It’s about looking at all different forms of media and looking at different ways we can educate ourselves and inspire others and continue to advocate on behalf of pets.”

To watch the full interview and learn what else he had to say about mentors and mentorship, click here to see what else Ozier discussed with this amazing mentor!

Dr. Courtney Campbell Honored at Global Pet Expo 2020



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