A Salute To DWAA Past President Reeder: A Journalist, A Writer, A Kind Word


She’s a joy to work with and be with and her fellow writers let her know it in spades. The February 10 DWAA Awards Banquet was the evening DWAA said goodbye to a great DWAA president. The flowers, the accolades and the tears flowed and with good reason. Modest and cheerful in nature, the consummate journalist, outgoing DWAA president Jen Reeder has concluded her two-year term.

During Reeder’s term as president Germinder + Associates has served as public relations counsel and Goodnewsforpets.com has served as the DWAA official news service. It’s been a great collaboration for the organizations. In fact, the collaboration has been so rewarding, we acknowledged its’ success as Jen Reeder was named one of the Germinder20 Power of Pink Honorees,  and interviewed here. she was the first Honoree journalist named last year. Typical Jen, her designated Honoree donation went to Green Dogs Unleashed, a not-for-profit organization committed to rescuing animals in need, rehabilitating them and professionally training them to become Therapy dogs.

Germinder and Reeder

Lea-Ann Germinder Goodnewsforpets Publisher and Jen Reeder DWAA Past President

The Dog Writers Association of America is the most recognized professional writing association devoted to dogs. Founded in 1935, the DWAA has grown from eight founders to over 500 members, including journalists, authors, bloggers, publicists, photographers, illustrators and media personalities. Keeping an organization relevant is no small feat but Reeder’s record is impressive.

Reeder’s accomplishments as DWAA president include bringing in new media members while keeping traditional members engaged, securing dozens of sponsors and thousands of dollars in new prize money for innovative special awards and orchestrating the founding of the Junior Writers on the Web with the fabulous Mara Bovsun, AKC Features Editor at the helm. In yet another typical Reeder gesture, she showered much deserved praise on the very modest Bovsun who won the DWAA Distinquished Service Award this year – more on that next week!

Reeder has also been an accessible media spokesperson, conducting timely interviews and providing a fresh outlook that will place the organization in good stead for the incoming leadership under Carol Bryant. Most of all, Reeder is a pleasure to work with. She not only wants every project to succeed, she wants each person to succeed. Quick with a compliment, sharp as a tack, she sets the end goal, but leads in a way that makes every member of the team feel a part of any successful effort.

Thank you Jen, for all you have done for the DWAA, our collaboration with Germinder and Goodnewsforpets.com and all you have done for me as a person. The end of Jen’s tenure also concludes our current agreement as the official DWAA news service.  We will continue to report on DWAA on occasion as I’ve been a member of the DWAA since 2000 and we’ve collaborated with DWAA since Mordecai Siegal was president, the year we launched Goodnewsforpets.com. I wouldn’t change a thing, and in dog years, it’s been a heck of a run! I’m excited to see what’s in store for DWAA and for Jen and Me too!


Here’s a look at one of Reeder’s posts for the banquet. Hope to see you next year!

Why I’m Excited for the 2018 DWAA Awards Banquet

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  1. Lea-Ann, the tears are flowing again! I can’t thank you enough for all you did for DWAA while I was president. You are unbelievably generous with your time and talents – and with financial support of Special Award sponsorships plus great causes like Green Dogs Unleashed! The Power of Pink program epitomizes your commitment to and passion for the pet community. I am grateful to count you as a colleague and friend!

  2. Thanks for writing here Jen. The collaboration between our organizations and between us has been truly special. Thank you.

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