And The 2nd Annual Masters Agility Championship Winners Are…


Goodnewsforpets was in attendance Saturday, February 14, 2015 for the AKC Meet The Breeds event, as well as the 2nd Annual Master Agility Championship at Westminster. While all the entrants put on quite a show, we are pleased to announce that Ticket took 3rd in his category. Ticket was recently profiled by Ranny Green for Goodnewsforpets, that feature story can be found here. Congratulations to all the entrants and winners!

The Masters Agility Championship at Westminster
Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015

                                           Eight-Inch Division

Dog               Breed                               Handler                                    Hometown                         Time

1.   Pink                  Papillon                             Lori Daigle-Santos                   Attleboro, Mass.              37.00

2.   Chase               Papillon                             Andrea Samuels                      Westbury, N.Y.                 38.05

3.   CJ                      Papillon                             Andrea Samuels                      Westbury, N.Y.                 38.49

4.   Reese               Pembroke Welsh Corgi   Donna Sims                             Hanover, Penn.                 39.82

12-Inch Division

Dog                      Breed                               Handler                              Hometown                           Time

1. Keebler     Pembroke Welsh Corgi    Roger O’Sullivan                 Giahanna, Ohio                     34.35

2. Radiance   Shetland Sheepdog          Patti Gagnon                       Nashua, N.H.                         34.80

3. Snafu          Poodle                                Nancy Lewis                       Ojai, Calif.                               36.44

4. Viva            American Eskimo Dog      Lynn Ancona                      Marlboro, N.J.                       41.50


16-Inch Division

Dog                      Breed                               Handler                              Hometown                         Time

1. Smart        Border Collie                  Kate Moureaux                     Simi Valley, Calif.                31.21

2. Hijack        Australian Shepherd     Mary Ann Wurst                   Lebanon, N.J.                      34.06

3. Ticket        Shetland Sheepdog       Brittany Schaezler                Pearland, Tex.                     34.54

4. Cruzer       Shetland Sheepdog       Diane Patterson                    Middletown, Conn.           34.84

                                             20-Inch Division

Dog                      Breed                               Handler                              Hometown                         Time

1.  Tex              Border Collie                  Rose Savkov                      Long Valley, N.J.                   30.93

2.  Trick            Border Collie                  John Nys                            Pascoag, R.I.                          33.19

3. Shazam        Border Collie                  Mary Lou Hanlon             Warren, N.J.                          35.93

4. Remi            Australian Shepherd     Barbara Kappe                  Tinton Falls, N.J.                   38.50

                                                24-Inch Division

Dog                      Breed                               Handler                              Hometown                         Time

1. Ffynch           Border Collie                  Suzann Milheron                 Somers, Conn.                  33.95

2. Roo!              All-American Dog           Stacey Campbell                 Menlo Park, Calif.             35.66

3. Shambhu      Poodle                             Russell Thorpe                     Kingston, N.Y.                   39.03

4. Layla              Alaskan Malamute        Amy Novak                          Forked River, N.J.              41.99

Masters Agility Champion Winner

Dog                     Breed                               Handler                              Hometown                         Time

Tex                   Border Collie                     Rose Savkov                       Long Valley, N.J.              30.93


                                    All-American Dog Winner

Dog                      Breed                               Handler                              Hometown                         Time

Roo                  All-America Dog               Stacey Campbell            Menlo Park, Caif.                  35.66




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Feature photo by Lanelle Rachel



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