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Sponsored Content and Guest Post Guidelines

  • Text, video and infographics are accepted for review.
  • Text posts should generally be between 400-800 words.
  • Text posts are accepted with images and graphical elements and have higher readership. The author is required to own or have copyright permission for any photos or images accompanying a post and must be able to provide proper attribution and appropriate captions.
  • Posts must be original content. Posts must be well-written and high-quality, with no grammatical errors and research cited.
  • Posts must complement the writing style and tone of Goodnewsforpets.
  • The author must provide a short author bio, including a maximum of one text link to his or her own website.
  • Posts must include a minimum of one nofollow link to a relevant website page. A maximum of three links (all nofollow) can be included and all links must be mutually agreed upon prior to publication. No links to spam websites will be accepted. To adhere to Google’s guidelines for guest blogging, articles that are clearly intended as a link building scheme will be rejected.
  • Posts must include proper attribution of data, quotations, and other third-party content referenced in the article.
  • Posts must be submitted in HTML, Word or Google Doc format with any image files (including attribution and caption instructions) attached separately.
  • Posts must be submitted in draft form and Goodnewsforpets reserves the right to edit for tone, grammar and consistency. If edited, Goodnewsforpets will provide these editorial suggestions to the guest blogger for review before the post goes live on the site.
  • Posts must conform to FTC guidelines regarding sponsored posts.

Those who would like to contribute to the site must disclose if they are an independent writer or are working with a corporate brand.  Posts that are sponsored by a brand or corporation must include a disclosure statement.

Approval of sponsored or guest posts are at the discretion of and its staff. Posts may be declined for any reason, including, but not limited to message, content and quality of writing. The schedule of when the sponsored post will go live, and the duration it will be available on the homepage will be mutually agreed upon prior to the post going live on the site.

Posting and Social Media Push

Upon review of the post, Goodnewsforpets will make a recommendation on where to post to the appropriate section of the site homepage on a mutually agreed upon publish date. A sponsor can also elect to have the post promoted via the Goodnewsforpets social media channels and push email newsletter and a stats report provided.


Upon acceptance of the post a complete package rate will be quoted based on the type of post, social media package and report required. Rates begin at $350.00 for a standard post for one week, however, it is impossible to determine a firm rate without a review of the post and each sponsor’s requirements.

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