What’s Cat-chy and New for Vets? The NAVC Conference Recap


The largest five-day veterinary conference in North America, January’s NAVC conference is a must-go destination for veterinarians and those that support the profession. Here, GoodNewsforPets.com gives the inside scoop on the show floor and what was trending.

A New Class of Treatment for Pain & Inflammation in Pets

Managing pain in pets – both chronic and healing pain – is a day-to-day reality for veterinarians. The pain of a pet is balanced with how to best help them in the most comfortable way possible.  Several conference sessions focus on pain and the trade show had a few touch-free healing options, utilizing the best of the best in technology, and we like what we saw.

As the show doors opened, one of the booths that saw a crowd was that of Assisi Animal Health, with many looking to learn about the Assisi 2.0 Loop and how their pulsed electromagnetic field technology, an example of an NPAID, is revolutionizing the way animals heal from injuries faster.


The Voyce Health and Management System for Dogs
is a patented monitor worn around a patient’s neck to monitor his or her health data. By checking behavior related to food, behavior, exercise, medication and condition, it helps both vet and owner track health progress and stimulate faster healing. The device is non-invasive, does not require skin contact, and is powered using a USB. An accountability partner in a collar—brilliant!


Traditional Gets a Makeover
It used to be accepted that all traditional veterinary instruments had a generic look and feel…luckily, gone are the days of few options. Now everything from stethoscopes to microscopes have flavor, and NAVC exhibitors are embracing their coats of many colors.

For example, style may not be something normally associated with stethoscopes, but the range of products created by Ultrascope has turned the traditional ideas of stethoscopes for vets around, and are backed by lifetime warranties.


Even the microscope got sexy at the NAVC conference. Check out this beautiful creature, the M10T-MCS Series created by Swift Optical Instruments. Never have urine and blood samples been so easy to view with this über compatible tablet.


Another exciting product for vet patients is a replacement for the traditional cone. Keep Fido from scratching and hurting himself with a Medical Pet Shirt . The shirts range in size, while providing pets with more comfort during the healing process.


Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. had an impressive and engaging 360˚ degree experience, beginning with a built-in, four minute, theatre-style show where a beautiful video pulls at the heartstrings—highlighting the difficulty of struggling pets from excessive itching to TMI irritable bowels. Backed by scientific research, the company was tackling varied health issues one-by-one with a new line of pet food products called Derm Defense, each targeting a specific problem to help pup. After the show,  I sipped a latte at a gourmet café where representatives were diligently on hand to answer product questions—each assigned to a theatregoer, giving a personal touch.


In February, GoodNewsforPets.com will have the spotlight on teeth for your terrier, in honor of Pet Dental Health Month’s “Pets Need Dental Care, Too!”- a campaign our founder and publisher created many years ago.  As a teaser we visited companies at the show that were working on dental hygiene, and continue to be impressed by the range of products shown. In particular, Milkbone has created dog biscuits called Brushing Chews, new mint-flavored treats. Battling bad breath, yet tasting delicious, they could be a win-win for pet parents.


Next up, we will be reporting from the Western Veterinary Conference, followed by Global Pet Expo. Keep following GoodNewsforPets show coverage and feel free to leave comments here on your favorite finds at this year’s NAVC Conference #NAVC2016.


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