What is the name of the SuperBowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs Mascot?


KC WolfThe name of the Kansas City Chiefs Mascot is KC Wolf.

The Chiefs won the Superbowl for the first time in 50 years on Sunday, February 2 in Miami, Florida against the San Francisco 49ers after winning the NFL AFC Championship Playoff game against the Tennessee Titans. Final score: San Francisco 20 — Kansas City 31.

Now find out more about their mascot. Since his introduction to Chiefs fans in 1989, KC Wolf is widely known as one of the most entertaining mascots in professional sports.

 KC Wolf has entertained fans of all ages with appearances in the United States and around the world. KC Wolf has become a popular attraction year after year at sporting events, community activities, conventions, grand openings, parades, and numerous other events.

One thing that sets KC Wolf apart from other mascots is the fact that he is also in high demand as a humorous and motivational speaker. KC Wolf is portrayed by Dan Meers who averages more than 150 speaking engagements each year. Dan is as equally entertaining out of his costume.  Dan’s work as KC Wolf and his experiences as a professional sports mascot have reinforced to him the philosophy that laughter and a cheerful heart are good medicine.

Dan speaks to audiences of all ages at schools, churches, businesses, banquets and many other gatherings. His enthusiasm, optimism, faith, and love for life are contagious and make him an inspiration to all those around him.

Meers is spreading good news indeed! To contact Meers email him at dmeers@ciefs.nfl.com or 816-920-4212.


Note: This post has been updated from an earlier post to reflect the results of the Superbowl. 

Source: www.kcchiefs.com

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