What Is It About Manure?

Q: Our 6-year old Labrador-mix rolls in manure. We live in a rural area with lots of nearby pastures. Locking her up and/or keeping her on a leash is not an option. We’re tired of bathing her, and this has caused ear infections. Please tell me how to train my dog to avoid manure. L. P., Mt. Dora, Florida.

A: Sorry – no can do. As long as your dog remains a dog, she’ll continue to be smitten with the sweet bouquet of manure. If you’re really desperate, you can try blowing up a balloon and hiding it in the pile to startle her. For one thing, I suspect digging into manure will be no fun, and for another, it’s not likely to work. I’m not an oddball – I agree with you; the behavior is disgusting. However, to some dogs, the smell of manure, rotting maggot-filled rodents or dead fish is heavenly.

As for the baths, use a shampoo for dogs. Be careful not to get so much water in your dog’s ears. I realize this is easier said that done, but that’s how to eliminate those ear infections.


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