What is a good way to cut down on calories for your pet for the new year?


Hungry Pets

Try a puzzle feeder! Offering up the regular bowl of food is no longer the recommendation for today’s “in the know” pet households. Start the New Year off right with some better options. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, slow feeder bowls and meal dispensing dog toys or puzzles require dogs to eat more slowly, engage mental effort and increase activity, which in turn burns calories.  The American Association of Feline Practitioners also recently released a consensus statement and consumer brochure supporting these types of products for cats.

While it is also important to know what is the exact nutritional profile of the food your pet consumes to control calories, in this case, these leading veterinary organizations are also looking at behavioral aspects of eating that can enrich a pet’s life. Be sure to discuss with your veterinarian and his or her team what is the best food and the best method to feed for your particular pet.

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