Three Dog Bakery Gingerbeg Wafers


Three Dog Bakery Gingerbeg WafersWe’ve got a gingerbread holiday theme going this season, so for us, the holiday isn’t complete without some sort of gingerbread for everyone including the family pups this year. That’s why when we spied these delightful Three Dog Bakery Gingerbeg Wafers online, we had to let you in on the score! These chef baked special Gingerbeg Wafers Dog Treats are made with wholesome ingredients, like wheat flour and honey with just a touch of nose-tingling ginger that will drive your dog nuts!

They’re as tasty as they are healthy, making them the perfect holiday treat for your pup. Like all Three Dog Bakery treats, they include only quality, wholesome ingredients that meet your dog’s taste preferences and dietary needs. Here’s more about the treats:

  • the treats are baked with all-natural wheat flour, honey and ginger to create a delicious, wholesome snack, dessert or reward.
  • these tasty treats are slow-baked in the oven to seal in the natural flavors, just like you’d make them at home in your own kitchen.
  • The hard-working, pup-loving chefs hand-craft these all-natural artisan dog cookies to look and taste like delicious holiday wafers.
  • No added artificial preservatives or flavors, fillers, or salt—just wholesome, quality ingredients.
  • Treats made and baked in the USA, perfect as an anytime snack, training treat or stocking stuffer.

We know our pups are gonna love them, how about yours? Yumza!



  1. Cheryl Strelezki on

    How.can I order these? I’m from Canada and my puppets won’t eat any other treat. Pet stores don’t have any. HELP!!

  2. You can contact the company directly. They might be able to ship them?! Thanks for visiting our site!

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