The V’s Have It: Vet Techs, A Vamped Up Dog Writers, & Vanderpump Pets


We’ve celebrated National Veterinary Technician Week almost every year since 2000 and this year we are thrilled to have Ranny Green’s take on the month after an interview with NAVTA’s president Dan Swenson. Added to the mix is another very special vet tech, my earlier interview with Nancy Shaffran, newly minted president of the International Veterinary Association of Pain Management (IVAPM). Vet techs  — now called veterinary nurses —  have come a long way indeed. And that’s a good thing for techs, pets and the veterinary profession.

Another special news item to share is the change up or vamp up of the annual Dog Writers Association of America’s (DWAA) Annual Banquet. The longstanding dinner is now a writing seminar followed by editor appointments (moi being one) followed by the always suspenseful awards banquet LUNCHEON. We’re charged with getting the word out and hope to see many of our famous DWAA friends and new members attending. More, much more to come.

The Winn Feline Foundation continues to not only make news but real headway in terms of feline research – the call for grant proposals deadline is December 6, 2015.

Finally, last but not least we are thrilled to partner with Vanderpump Pets this month — Lisa Vanderpump of Bravo fame and her pup Giggy on the latest Goodnewforpets 15th Anniversary Contest.  For more information visit our contest page.  October is a great month and we will gladly celebrate it with the vet techs, the vamped up DWAA and Vanderpump Pets. And there’s more to come!


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