Talking to the Animals

A few years back a book called “The Hidden Life of Dogs” was an instant best seller for author Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. An argument can be made that the title of the book was responsible for the lion’s share of sales, “People are determined and even desperate to understand what their pets are really thinking,” says New York city based author Janine Adams, author of “You Can Talk To Your Animals (IDG Books, 2000; $14.95)

Adams contends pet psychics – or as they prefer to be called, animal communicators, really can tell you what your pet is thinking and feeling.

For the unconvinced, Adams offers the story of Scooby. The pup’s owner was somewhat skeptical but agreed to a session with a communicator. The animal communicator said, “Scooby is upset and embarrassed because an old man made fun of him.” The owner was shocked – that’s because Scooby had just visited a nursing home, where indeed an old man did poke fun at him. Coincidence? Adams says she might have thought so before she began the book project.

Adams offers another example of a person who has lots of pets, including a duck of all things. The animal communicator had no way of knowing this woman had a duck, because the session was only with her dog and cat. The communicator says she learned from the dog there was a duck in the house. “Who would have thought?” Adams says.

Many animal communicators “talk” with animals by telephone. They don’t even have to actually have the animal present to pick up their vibes. “It’s clear to me our pets understand way more than we think,” Adams adds.

Take the story of the Scottish terrier who understood the command “down/stay” perfectly when the owner used only a hand signal. However, in obedience classes, the pooch refused to comply. An animal communicator acted as a sort of arbitrator explaining the dog was humiliated by the use of the hand signal. Somehow it was condescending for the dog to submit in front of the entire class. After negotiations through the communicator, the dog agreed to do a “down/stay” only when the owner looked to the ground. Indeed, the pooch kept her word, and executed them perfectly whenever the owner looked down.

“I believe communicators can help solve problems,” says Adams. “After all, how can you solve a pet problem unless you know what the pet is thinking about?”

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