Steve Dale Named Recipient of 2002 AVMA Humane Award

Steve Dale has been named the recipient of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s 2002 Humane Award. The award is given annually to a non-veterinarian for his or her contribution to the humane effort. Dale will receive the award at the organization’s national convention in Nashville, Tennessee, July 13-17, 2002.

Steve Dale has a truly unique platform to foster the humane movement. As a national award-winning columnist recently cited by Editor & Publisher as Syndicated Newspaper Columnist of the Year for “My Pet World,” his bi-weekly syndicated pet column to over 100 newspapers, as national radio show host for the syndicated “Animal Planet Radio,” and “The Pet News,” and “Pet Central” on WGN Radio, as a host for numerous not-for-profit pet causes, as a board member of pet-related national organizations, as a contributor for goodnewsforpets, he is a champion of veterinary care for all pets.

He is the voice of many humane organizations. He promotes books that foster good husbandry and he offers a unique forum for veterinarians to get their messages across, but Steve’s greatest satisfaction is in helping pets. Through his work, Steve reaches pets through millions of pet owners.

Roger Caras once told him, “You’ve got the courage to speak the truth, kid.” Issues Steve has covered range from behavior, the human-animal bond, and pet insurance, to disease-specific topics such as cancer, osteoarthritis and heartworm, to cutting-edge technology in veterinary medicine, and – more controversial issues, such as pet dumps where pet owners literally “dumped” their pet into a covered hole in the ground at night. Steve’s work ultimately helped to get those pet dumps closed.

Steve’s work often transcends the writing of the works of others to the “doing.” Issues raised by Steve are often taken seriously by those outside the pet world. As a result of Steve covering the role of search and rescue dogs and dog-assisted therapy in the September 11th tragedy, the American Red Cross reviewed the role of dogs in their emergency relief plans.

Last year, Steve took a personal initiative to launch America’s Fund for Afghan Children, co-sponsored by the AVMA. He worked with the city of Chicago to include signage in cabs that says, “Chicago Welcomes Service Dogs.” Steve also helped rework the Chicago Animal Control Act, legislation now being used as a nationwide model. Steve fosters the humane effort wherever he can, and for this we salute him.



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