Spanning the Globe: New Year’s Resolutions from Pet Lovers

People make resolutions worldwide, and surveys in the past have pointed out how similar those resolutions seem to be around the globe. I asked for and received comments via e-mail, mostly from ordinary pet owners around the world. Although the chief honcho veterinarian in America chimes in, 2008 resolutions for pets are strikingly similar to one another. Here are a few examples:

“That pet owners continue to have their pets examined at least once a year " realizing that pets age seven years to one of ours. Catching illness (early), veterinarians can save lives. And that pet owners finally get serious about watching their weight " I mean their pets’ weight. Diabetes and arthritis are among the illnesses directly associated with overweight pets, and it’s a quality of life issue as well.”
Dr. Gregory Hammer, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Dover, DE, USA

“I wish that our cats would not throw their hairballs in the doorway. Specifically not during the night when I stumble down the passage when my bladder is bursting. I wish that our cats would not choose kitchens as litter boxes, and that their poop doesn’t dangle over the edge . Most of all, I wish that all cats and dogs would find a loving, caring home where they will always be welcome, loved and care for.”
Linn Currie, Irene-Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa.

“Never again to see tainted food for our pets. And that pets are fed with food fit for human consumption, and stop giving junk to our animals. Don’t tell me we can have a space station but we can not figure out how to make pet food safe. For our kitties everywhere, let’s see a breakthrough for helping cats with FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). For all our angels, please keep them safe and alive ‘til we can be in rocking chairs with them snoozing, still healthy by our side.”
Joanne St. Laurent, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Charlotte Peltz in Mexico with Moxie and Zagal.

“To treat you (dogs) as wonderful as you are – dogs aren’t people in fur jackets. And to learn more about you so that I can teach you in ways you can understand " that will make our lives together more meaningful.”
Charlotte Peltz, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

“I wish finally all people would understand that there is no better love than the love you receive from a pet. All animal abuse should be stopped. While I sign any petition to help animals anyway, I wonder if anything will ever happen.”
Dominique Thys, Antwerp, Belgium.

“To end dog fighting " and so everyone appreciates animals for all they give to us. We can learn from them. For sure, we can learn about love.”
Audrey Williams, Nashville, TN, USA.

Pam Pickett’s Max in a New Year’s mood.

From the pets’ point of view: “I have as much right to have my four paws on this earth as you have your two feet. Second, that you accept that I to feel pain if I am neglected, and I have feelings just like you. And finally, I joined your family and I’ve chewed on your best shoes or wrecked things, but it’s only because I can’t tell you how I feel, maybe lonely in my new surroundings. My final New Year’s wish is that you find it in your heart to love me.”
Pam Pickett, Cotgrave, England.

“My chow chows don’t care that I am not a millionaire. They don’t care about how I look that day that I am not 100 percent. They do care if I am feeling unhappy or unwell, and will sit beside me and worry about me until I am better. If you can’t take the time to pet a dog, you need to do so. If you don’t like dogs, there’s something wrong with you!”
Greg Hart, Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia.

“My wish is for all cats in 2008 to have excellent veterinary care and a clean and healthy environment. Because I’m the rescue liaison for the Devon Rex Rescue League and on the Board of Directors, I see too much of a lack of commitment and basic needs not being met by breeders and pet owners. The number of geriatric cats in shelters is on the rise at an alarming rate.”
Lynne Thomas, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“My resolution for 2008 is work to maintain the rightful place of dogs in our modern society. It has been said that dogs and man have evolved together, and that we are co-dependent. I firmly believe this, also that society as a whole will suffer if we remove the presence of pets from our lives.”
Denise Jacoby, Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

“May our beloved furry, feathered and scaly companions survive the concerted efforts to eradicate them from our lives by the humankind of this world.”
Ruth Weddle, West Hills, CA, USA.

“I hope that the cruelty and abuse of animals comes to an end. I also hope people realize that feral cats serve a real purpose in life, especially in cities where they keep rat populations down. Instead of food being thrown away into the garbage cans at restaurants, people would start giving leftovers to their local feral cat population in order to keep them reasonably well fed and stop thinking of cats as pests and trying to get rid of them. They are so much cheaper and safer than using exterminators.”
Anthea Tarica, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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