Randy Jo – The Inspiration for Share Your Pet Love

The holidays came and went, snowstorms and all, and with it the melancholy about our Labrador, Randy Jo.  We lost her to rainbow bridge Christmastime a few years ago at the ripe old age of fourteen.  2009 was a full year of reminiscing for me as I turned — a momentous age!  As Christmas neared with a pending drive from New Jersey to Kansas City, my thoughts turned to Randy Jo.

She came to us from Arkansas.  She was our oldest son’s dog.  He named his beloved dog Randy Jo because we got her in Arkansas and her initials would then be the same as his (RJ).  That child couldn’t wait to get that dog.  He and his dad drove down in the snow right after Christmas that year to “retrieve” her.   He took her to obedience training and doted on her.

But, like many children, he didn’t quite take to all the duties.  Before long Randy Jo belonged to all of us.  I can’t tell you how many times an argument would erupt over who would feed the dog.  Who would walk the dog.  Who would chase the dog back home when she got out.  Who would go see what she was barking about.  Who would replace that stick of butter she ate off the table.  And the biscuit caper.  I will save that one for another blog post.

We had our challenges, but oh what a sweet dog!  She just wanted to be with you wherever you happened to be.  As she got older and couldn’t climb steps she would patiently wait at the landing.  She slowly declined, but  that tail never stopped wagging.  Until she couldn’t get up, and it was time.

She had a bright red leather collar with X’s and O’s.  My husband saved a piece for each of us and brilliantly framed it. I could not pull mine out for a year.  But, this year, I had it displayed.  When we visited our son and his wife at their first new home, there was the framed collar piece, prominently displayed in the foyer.  It made me smile, it made me wish I had more videos and pictures of her. Somehow even that collar piece made me feel her presence.  It made me think about pet love.  It’s why I am  looking forward to you sharing your pet love videos with us.  Happy New Year.


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