Pet Blogging For Love and Money


Pet Blogging for Love & MoneyPet Blogging For Love and Money by Carol Bryant and Maggie Marton

Authors Carol Bryant and Maggie Marton have written a great “How To” book that takes the mystery out of pet blogging.  And, we agree it does not require a marketing or tech degree- yay!

In fact, if you dream of turning your dog into the “next big thing?” or maybe you want to inspire small-animal lovers to take their pets to the veterinarian — this book is for you. There’s even tips on how to create your own YouTube channel for your cat.

It’s no secret at that the internet loves pets — our community has been following us for 20 years!  Pet lovers create social accounts and blogs to show off their pets. Brands harness the collective power of pet influencers. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned content creator, we agree Pet Blogging for Love & Money is the ultimate guide to grow your pet blog or social media channels like a pro.

Pet industry spending is projected to reach $96 billion in sales by the end of 2020, as reported In fact, far more Americans now own pets than don’t. Sixty-eight percent of households in this country own a pet of some kind. In addition to pet owners, lifestyle and mommy bloggers corner a huge segment of the pet market. Why? Because most moms also have pets at home.

Long-time industry pros and DWAA members Carol Bryant and Maggie Marton take their decade of building pet brands and successful blogs and distill the info into easy-to-understand steps that can turn your passion for pets into something more—for love or money. For anyone who loves their pets and wants to put them online, this book provides the know-how and guidance to make it happen.

ISBN: 9781695151352 paperback

ASIN: B077BLF5LV ebook

Format: Paperback, ebook

Pages: 309

Available on Amazon.

Bravo Carol and Maggie!

A Big Bow WOW to DWAA President Bryant



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