Living Coral and Pets – We’re There On Trend For 2019!


While we’re ringing in the New Year, the VMX show January 19-22 in Orlando, FL is our official start of the year, and we’ve got more to say about our #PowerofPink celebration. Yes, we can’t break away from a fab program with a fab color and fab Honorees, so more news on that very soon. And speaking of color, now that Pantone has declared Living Coral the 2019 Color of the Year, let the fun begin!  You might have guessed we are big on splashing out a color palette, but you might wonder what the heck does color have to do with pets.  Basically – a lot.

Pantone Color of the YearAccording to Pantone’s announcement, “Just as coral reefs are a source of sustenance and shelter to sea life, vibrant yet mellow PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.” Sound like our pets? You bet! Not only is the color taken from animal life of the sea, pets claim a central role in our hearts and homes (to the tune of $70+billion) so more than likely their clothing, their accoutrements are front and center in matching the latest human color schemes.

Does color play a role with pets beyond products? I think so. For example, the color of a dog coat or a cat’s hair often counts in selecting a pet. I like all dogs, favor labradors but I treasure yellow labradors like my grandpup Lola, while one of our upcoming Honorees favors chocolate labradors. Our cat Cocoa is lovely shades of honey gold.

Now about that Living Coral selection. As a lifelong redhead,  you could say I’ve been “living coral” for a long time, but that’s another story in itself. I should be favoring Irish Setters. I do like the thought of them and certainly the look, but I also know about their temperament…hmmm! One of my show dog friends knows all about them and I immediately thought of her when I saw this orange jacket on this Irish Setter here. While I think it could use a tad more pink to be Living Coral, I’m still liking all that orange hue.



I’m looking forward to seeing how this Living Coral color pallette plays out, especially since we rebranded to pink. Time to add an orange accent? We’ll be watching at VMX and at Global Pet Expo, March 20-22, 2019 for sure. What about you?

Hello 2019, we’re ready to capture the trends and Living Coral is one of them.

Happy New Year, Goodnewsforpets Community!





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