Holiday Pet Gifts Sure to Please Your Companion

Holiday pet gifts are favorites

By Steve Dale

The economy may not be all great with the cost of heating fuel and gasoline continuing to rise, but pet owners don’t seem to mind. According to the American Pet Product Manufacturer’s Association, around 154 million pet owners are expected to spend $2.6 billion on holiday pet gifts this season. Most people with pets wrap something for their furry or feathered friend, and appreciate it when friends and relatives think of giving too.

Play With It

It’s shocking news, holiday lights your pet can play safely with. In fact, they may be unsafe for you ” they smell so good, you might even want to chew on this candy cane smelling Orbee-Tuff Bulb. It looks like a Christmas tree light, except it’s a dog toy you can drop treats in. Available in red, green and white (the white glows in the dark ” which may help Santa to find his way); $9.95 and at most pet stores and at planet dog, or 800-381-1516.

As real light bulbs don’t make for an appropriate holiday snack, the same is true for real turkey legs. But a hard rubber Turkey Chew is safe, and yummy if you happen to stick some peanut butter inside, $9 to $15.

Oye-vay, those holidays are a pain in the rear for those anti-social dogs who don’t like the commotion. Those dogs are perfectly suited to receive a plush Tuchis donkey toy for Hanukah. There’s also Shlep the camel plush toy and the squeaky Mensch Chewish toy who wears a great big smile. These three toys are $9.99 (a piece); available at just pooches, 866-895-4364, and boutique pet stores.

It’s tough, it’s rough, the Combat Squeaker bone dog toy from the Bamboo Co. is specifically designed for small dogs and puppies, and it floats. It comes in a two-pack set, one bone toy is in a fun tropical print and the other is a holiday snowflake theme, $4.99, online and in stores.

If you’re unsure about how frogs are connected to Christmas (Muppet movies perhaps?), this cheerful little frog (dog) toy ribbits “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” whenever he’s squeezed, $13.50 at barker and meowsky; (773) 868-0200. (That perennial retro favorite barking “We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ duck toy remains available, $13.50, also at barker and meowsky.)

Cats deserve toys for the holidays too; this one is a reindeer with a red nose, black antlers and a pouch for stuffing catnip inside, $5.50 at barker and meowsky; (773) 868-0200.

Most toys aren’t purchased to immediately be ripped apart ” but that’s what parrots love to do. Candy Cane, Santa, and Driedel Polly Wanna piñatas are filled with a mix of banana chips, raisins, pineapple & papaya; each $9 at fetchitpets; (805) 373-0311.

You don’t want your pets to tear up their Christmas stockings. These stockings are literally works of art from Stephen Huneck’s Gallery. There are several whimsical choices, for example, a depiction of a Labrador saying ‘hi’ to Santa by sniffing at a personal place; and that stocking reads, “Seasons Greetings.” Hope Santa isn’t offended. Stockings are $24 a piece at barker and meowsky; (773) 868-0200.

Wear It

Wearing new baubles, you’ve got to look and sniff your best. A holiday gift pack includes Merry Berry shampoo and conditioner, and Cool Yule freshener and detangler (all products are DEA-free, pH balanced and environmentally safe), $11.99 from pet stores.

‘Tis the season for your dog to party but in the north those paws can get wet, and ice-balls might form in the pads. Check out what the manufacturer maintains is the world’s only disposable rubber dog boot. No zippers, no straps, and the rubber prevents Fido from slipping on the ice. Also, a great idea for those working search and rescue dogs. Prices range from $6 to $8 for a box of a dozen. You can find a store near you that sells the disposable boots.

Pink isn’t your typical holiday color, but it is, after all, trendy. Dress your pooch for the holidays with a knit winter hat with embroidered snowflakes. Aside from pretty in pink, light blue for Hanukah and Christmas red hats are available in various sizes, $14.99. Available at pet stores or online.

Ferrets should also dress for the holidays. A ferret Santa suit (attaches with Velcro straps) includes a matching hat, $14.50 at pet stores.

Eat It

There’s nothing quite like turkey and cranberries for the holidays. Sadly, dogs choke each year on splintered turkey bones, but this turkey is safe and specifically for dogs. Real Food Toppers offers 100 per cent natural freeze dried turkey with cranberries, without any artificial ingredients. Other flavors include Pure Chicken Breast, Pure Wild Salmon, Pure Beef Liver and Country Pot Pie. Each 4 oz re-sealable bag re-hydrates to about one pound of fresh, real food by simply adding water; each is $14.99. Sold at independent pet retailers.

For Kosher pets, check out the Kosher Pet’s Hanukah dog treats, complete with extra olive virgin oil (apparently for Kosher pets who like an Italian flair), $9; online and in selected pet stores.

Sending a greeting card to a pet, well, it’s thoughtful. Sending a Crunchkins Cards shows you really care. Who needs to read when you have an edible 100 per cent rawhide card!

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