Holiday Ho Ho Ho for Pets

It’s hard to buy for your best friend. This is especially true if your best friend – or your best friend’s best friend – has four legs. Here are some holiday gift giving ideas for pets: (Shipping not included in prices.)

Pet Wear
Not only does a holiday scarf keep your pooch warm, this wool red wrap with white pom poms is an attention getter ($11.50 to $14.50), especially if the pooch is wearing the perennial favorite jingle bell collar ($11.50 to $14.50). Both are available in four sizes. For more seriously religious dogs celebrating Hanukkah, tie-on yarmulke’s are $12. Call Barker & Meowsky: A Paw Firm, (773) 880-0200.

Practicality is important in northern climates where small dogs and sight hounds (like greyhounds and whippets) require something warm to wear. A Santa Dog sweater is truly made for the North Pole, complete with a Santa look – including the black buckle Santa belt and gold colored buttons. You can also buy a Frosty Dog Snowman sweater, a short blue and white sweater (so you see plenty of leg(s)). Both sweaters are available in three sizes and are $78 from, call (800) 924-5050.

A forest green velvet vest (for small dogs) is lined in paisley print and includes a red and green bow tie to wear to the swankiest of Holiday parties, $30 from or phone (877) 267-3883.

Computer chip technology from Multipet gives plush toys for dogs a whole new sound. There’s a Santa dude named Nick who says, “Ho, Ho, Ho;” a mouse in a sleigh who plays a festive holiday tune and a red and green wreath which plays “We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” all are $13.50. Last year’s hit dog toy hit – the Wiggly Giggly – caught on, in part, because of the strange sound it makes. When Fido rolls this ball, it sounds like an alien greeting from a Stephen Spielberg movie. The Wiggly Giggly is now available in red and green with white snow paw prints, $12 to $23. These toys are available at pet superstores, or call (800) 900-6738.

If you’re at a loss for what to get that special cat, provides various Christmas gift pack choices, which can be shipped anywhere, $14.95 to $22.95. Also, from, a Hanukkah four-pack of catnip toys, a dreidel, menorah, Hanukkah greeting and gift box are $14.95. A jittery reindeer or Santa toy – you pull the string and the Rudolph or Mr. Claus bounces – $5.95.

At, there are various canine gift packs that can be shipped, $12.95 to $39. Stocking stuffer toys include a peppermint candy colored rope toy, $2.99 and fleece bone with Santa’s, $12.95. Both and may also be reached at (877) 364-8697.

Your pooch can squeak Happy Kwanzaa with a squeaky Kwanzaa bone dog toy, $7.95 to $14.95. Catnip Kwanzaa mice are $7.50 for a pair. Kwanzaa toys are in bright traditional tribal colors. These same toys are available in Christmas red and green, or in blue with a Star of David for Hanukkah. Call Best Bets for Pets, (800) 738-8885.

Santa should have been a dog. Here’s proof. The pooch – available in 50 breeds – is dressed as Santa. This incredibly detailed hand-painted 10 ½-inch high ornament can weigh down a small tree, $59. Whimsical metal breed ornaments are $22, and come in several breeds, including beagles, poodles, retrievers and Scottish terriers. Available from, or call (800) 924-5050.

Hand-blown glass ornaments include 40 dogs breeds and various cat breeds, $19.95 from Barker and Meowsky: A Paw Firm, (773) 880-0200.

A heart and bone Christmas ornament has your pet’s name on it, $9 from or phone (877) 267-3883 – where you can also purchase a needlepoint Christmas stocking in various breeds, $7.80 to $22.

Holiday gift scents can help your pet to smell better and feel better. Organic Pet Aromatics offers aromatherapy candles ($10), dog bath shampoos/conditioners ($9), aromatherapy spritzes ($9) and candles in the shape of dog houses ($16), all in a variety of scents. Examples include Woodsy Woof (eucalyptus, lavendar and fir needle) for energizing with healing qualities and Honeysuckle Hound to uplift depressed spirits and to instill optimism. Gift packages are available for the holidays. Check out or call (877) 738-2766.

Unusual Gifts, Unusual Pets
Hedgehogs can run five miles in one night. So for those without a track for hedgehogs, consider a red holiday wheel for hedgehogs, $39.95.

Paw print Christmas stockings can be filled with your choice goodies, such as Crunchy Crickets, a true delicacy for hedgehogs, sugar gliders and some reptiles ($4.95). Holiday prickle pouches are sleeping bags for hedgehogs or ferrets to curl up inside ($4.95). The total stocking fee varies, depending on what you choose to stuff inside it.

A red and green cardboard tunnel is perfect for hedgehogs or ferrets to run through, or rodents to snack on – a rodent version of Christmas cookies – ($1.20 to $6.79). Order at, or call 800-738-7869.

Bark bars cookies for dogs come in cat and postman shapes in holiday stockings. Candy Kissers for cats in liver, shrimp or chicken flavors, are also wrapped in holiday packaging, $3.50, at pet superstores, or

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