#GlobalPetExpo 2017: Trends to Watch from Goodnewsforpets


This year’s Global Pet Expo promised to be the show that means business and it delivered!

Prior to this year’s show, it was announced that Global Pet Expo had officially sold out of all booth space making up the general Show Floor and Special Sections. Goodnewsforpets was on the ground in Orlando and getting a look at the best and latest offerings from retailers around the globe. In fact, there was so much news about buzz-worthy hot products and topics to cover, we had to catch our breath before we could process the hot product overload!

Day 1 saw us run to the New Products Showcase as it was tops on our must see list to determine what intrigued us. We’ve seen each category increase each year, with this year being no exception. The dog category took up half the showcase, but cats, reptiles, aquatics, etc. are definitely holding their own.

Keeping Your Pet Calm & Carry On: Aromatherapy & Pheromone Products Packaged to Sell

In prior years the “calming” category was front and center and it’s still going strong. Calming coats and shirts have been well represented by the likes of B&H Pet Gear and AKC branded products. Ceva Animal Health’s Adaptil and Feliway pheromone products made their debut via H&C.  In the aromatherapy category, Multipet International introduced the Aromadog by Multipet, an exciting new line of therapeutic dog toys.

mulipet aromatherapy global pet expo hot product

Aromadog by Multipet, a line of therapeutic dog toys.

An interesting development in this category is the emergence of the strong Thunderworks brand with both aromatherapy and pheromone products. According to a company representative, Thunderessence aromatherapy works with a special patch on a Thundershirt or on an ordinary blanket. A line of stronger pheromone products with sample packaging was displayed. The line has been developed in partnership with a leading manufacturer of pheromones. It’s expected to be launched in August, 2017.

Why have both? The Aromatherapy products appeal to pet owners who like the smell of lavender and other relaxing scents themselves. Lavender is also known for its calming affects on humans and can also benefit pets.

Pheromone products on the other hand, don’t really smell to humans that much, but their use in pets is backed by years of research that shows they can have a tremendously positive effect. In fact, these products are recommended by Dr. Marty Becker’s Fear Free initiative to help get pets calmly to the vet and create a positive experience in the veterinary clinic.

thunderworks global pet expo hot product

(L) ThunderEase, a pheromone product line and (R) ThunderEssence, an aromatherapy product line.

Dogs Just Want To Have Fun, But Safety Still Sells

The show was replete in outerwear, leashes, harnesses and collars in bright, yet sturdy materials to have fund with your dog, but also keep them safe. We can expect entries in this category to continue. Sleepypod is a company known for its well-designed and brightly colored carrier and safety products. Sleepypod introduced the Clickit Terrain Car Safety Harness for Dogs, a sturdy car safety belt that doubles as a walking harness.

global pet expo clickit terrain safety harness sleepypod

Clickit Terrain Car Safety Harness, by Sleepypod

Wellness & Prevention Product Offerings To Increase In the Pet Store 

We’ve witnessed the wide range of products distributed in the pet store that help the pet owner care for their pet between vet visits increase over the years, but never so much as this year.  Especially interesting are the offerings from strong marketer Fetch4Pets, manufacturer of pet products with an emphasis on licensed brands.

Fetch4Pets has identified the high cost of the veterinary visit and the opportunity to bridge the gap between visits as a key opportunity for pet stores. The company’s shift in focus to developing health and wellness solutions is most evident in their VETMD line that launched at Meijer last year. The line includes medicated grooming solutions. More health and wellness products are expected.

burt's bees hot products global pet expo

Burt’s Bees Care Plus+, Petnostics and VetMD from Fetch4Pets

Petnostics was an especially interesting offering of the company. For cats and dogs, it was specifically made to make healthy living easier for pet families. Knowing that pet parents wanted an easy way to check their dog or cat’s health instantly, Petnostics is a line of at-home urine test products. Using the same diagnostic test strips that veterinarians use in their clinics, pet parents can use Petnostics to screen for potential health issues and monitor certain chronic conditions.

Dealing with skin and coat issues is a major source of pet owner concern that often finds them scheduling a visit to the veterinary clinic. Entries in this category for the pet store continue to increase as well. This year their Burt’s Bees Care Plus+ line of specially formulated everyday skin & coat is getting a packaging refresh. What captured our attention is the coconut based product line. A soon to be line extension in dental, a category near and dear to our hearts, is expected to be launched in the fall.


To see more products covered at Global Pet Expo, be sure to visit our Hot Products Section and our Publisher’s Blog. We’ll be doing more in depth coverage of certain categories in the coming months.


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