From Dog Tracks To Denver


I almost cancelled this year’s week at the beach. If you read my last post you’d know why. There were just a lot of  joyous family events going on in June and we are deep in developing content to edit and rollout for the site.  My colleagues in this community are great jugglers.  The team is getting pumped!  Then, my oldest son reminded me this family beach week at the Jersey Shore followed by the annual American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) convention had been happening for the last sixteen years. And, there was always more joyous family news. And our team said, what’s the issue, enjoy!  So,  I went to the beach. With writing assignments and work still in hand. Hence, the dog tracks. I was taking my morning beach walk at the Jersey Shore and was thinking about this blog post.  Aha, double task! There went off a social media post and thank you friends for liking and retweeting for one more day’s writing respite. Now herewith in this blog post…dog tracks! More talk about what’s going on at the AVMA Denver convention tomorrow!




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