Dogways Unleashes New App to Make NYC Dogs Happier and Healthier


The Uber App of Doggie Socialization Offering Playdates on Demand

gI_86702_Blue IconRochester, NY (March 24, 2015) — Dogways, a pet tech company, today launched its free iOS app in New York City that enables dog owners to find fun activities to do every day with their dog.

The Dogways app reinvents the meaning of an “Event,” allowing anyone to attend and create events with no groups to join. If you own a dog, you are part of the group. Dogways embraces that just leaving the house is an event for a dog — whether it be a dog walk, playdate or playgroup meetup at the park, every day is now an event for your dog.


Interactive map shows all of the events and dogs attending in your area with the ability to scroll forward to view the week ahead.

One of the biggest challenges dog owners face daily is not knowing where other sociable dogs will be in the city. The Dogways app features an interactive map showing all of the events and dogs attending in the area with the ability to scroll forward to view the week ahead.

“I came up with the idea for Dogways when day after day I would take my Westie named Marley to the park and consistently find no other dogs for her to play with,” said Founder/CEO Andy Simon. “Finally after years of frustration and a terrier desperate for dog friends, I decided to create this app to equip all dog owners with a tool to socialize and exercise their dogs on demand.”


Creating an event is simple, intuitive and fast. In addition to public and private events, owners can invite by breed or size.

Dogways allows users to create events in five ways: public, friends only, private, by dog breed and by dog size. For example, if you own a French Bulldog and want to meet other Frenchies you would create a breed specific “Event” that can be a group walk, meet-up or playdate and all of the Frenchies in the Dogways community will be invited. Same with size – create a small, medium or large dog event in a matter of seconds.

“It has been proven that a dog’s health and happiness is significantly tied to their activity level and social interactions,” said Andrea Arden noted pet expert and advisor to Dogways. “However finding opportunities and time are the major challenges most dog owners face that Dogways solves by providing an effortless way for pet parents to discover and create opportunities to help their four-legged family member’s to thrive and have fun.”

This app is all about a dog and their friends. When connecting on the app, Dogways connects dog-to-dog with no personal information of the dog’s owner being shared, except for the last name (e.g. Marley Simon).

Dogways is currently available in New York City on iOS, with three launch parties set for April and plans for a national rollout and expansion to Android in 2015.


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