Cats Like Home Sweet Home

Are you planning a summer vacation? You may want to leave your pooch in a kennel, but how about the cat?

Don’t leave her in a kennel. Even if you can find the best possible kennel in the world, for most cats, there’s no place like home.

Alice Rhea, author of “Good Cats, Bad Habits,” (Fireside Books, New York, NY, 1995; $12) says hire a pet sitter, a local veterinary technician or a friend/neighbor to visit kitty at least once a day. Since you’ll be away for so long, your best bet will be to implore a friend or neighbor your cat is already knows for daily play and scooping sessions in exchange for a really excellent gift from your exotic vacation destination. Another option is to hire a skilled professional – such as a veterinary technician or perhaps a pet sitter. Veterinary technicians are a wonderful choice for cats that require medical attention while you’re gone. For more info on finding a pet sitter, call the National Association of Pet Sitters, 800-296-7387 or Pet Sitters International, 336-983-9222.

Leave plenty of toys around, but they should be rotated every couple of days to alleviate boredom. Also, ask who is ‘cat-sitting’ to periodically deploy that great feline stress buster: Catnip. Make certain you leave a list for those in charge of kitty care that includes veterinary phone numbers, and the number where you will be.

If for some reason, you feel compelled to board your cat, Rhea says visit the facility before leaving kitty. If it appears dirty or the cat area is overwhelmed with the sight and smell of canines (unless your cat likes dogs), find somewhere else. Before kenneling speak with both the kennel and your vet about flea and vaccine protection. If your cat doesn’t now have a bed of her own, buy one today – so when you leave town, kitty will have a place of her own to snooze. Also, leave a pair of old unwashed t-shirts at the facility – at least your cat will have something to remember you by.

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