Catfé Lounge in Ferndale, MI Receives Tidy Cats Litter System and More

Catfe Lounge

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The winner of our fourth and latest Charmed by the Love contest, Dina Lindquist, chose The Catfé Lounge to receive a Purina Tidy Cats Litter System as well as a $100 donation. Located in Ferndale, Michigan, The Catfé Lounge was founded in 2015 and prides itself in its uniqueness and fresh take on the cat cafe concept. All of the kittens at the shelter are available for adoption, so it’s a great way to meet and play with kitties in need of a home.

Pic of cat in Catfe

Picture from their website


“We are also happy to have won a $100 donation plus a Purina Tidy Cats coupon for The Catfé Lounge in Ferndale, Michigan,” says Lindquist. “The Catfé is directly affiliated with the Ferndale Cat Shelter and the donation will help with vet bills, food, and adoptions.”


We spoke with Deanne Iovan who is Executive Director of The Catfé Lounge and asked what this donation means for the shelter.


Catfe pic of Cat

Picture from their website

“Ferndale Cat Shelter/Catfé Lounge is thrilled to be chosen for this donation! We are a small but mighty cat rescue that is solely funded by individual donations and powered by the sweat of our dedicated volunteers,” says Iovan. “The last few months have been challenging for everyone, especially organizations like FCS that continued to rescue and care for homeless kitties during quarantine in Michigan. The need never stops!”


To learn more about The Catfé Lounge, check out their website here for more information.

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