Aromatherapy for Pets and Their People

Dogs and cats can “chill out” by wearing aromatherapy collars. For example, Lavender collars have a calming effect. If you think that’s strange. It gets stranger: people can order these dog and cat collars too. De Ann Lowell, founder of Peppermint Pets in Chatsworth, Calif. says, “A little old lady from Springfield, Mo. just ordered a collar for herself and another for her dog in a leafy green print.”

Lowell isn’t hoping to make Mr. Blackwell’s list for the Best of Worst Dressed; she says she wants “pets more at ease with their environments.” She says our own noses not to mention your pets’ – which are far more sensitive – are being over stimulated. Lavender will relax your and your pet’s nose.

If your nose prefers to be uplifted, you can add a special aromatherapy charm, such as one containing a geranium, to the collar. She’s calls geranium a sort of St. John’s wort for dogs or cats. The collars range in size from elastic collars for cats to collars with enough width for large dogs or large people, $8 to $12. The charms that clip onto the collars for an extra whiff are $27, and include refreshing oil.

If that’s not enough to sell your snout, Peppermint Pets also offers aromatherapy kitty litter, which presumably makes cats feel good about their toilets. (Beware: however, scented litters can make cats fussy about their boxes). There are also therapy candles for pets, herbal pet shampoos and natural dog and cat treats. For further information, contact Peppermint Pets, (818) 772-6993 or access


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