American Heartworm Society’s 2016 Triennial Heartworm Symposium


Everything you need to know about the American Heartworm Society’s 2016 Triennial Heartworm Symposium

american heartworm society symposiumTrue to its mission of leading the veterinary profession and public in understanding heartworm disease, the American Heartworm Society aims to further scientific progress in the study of heartworm disease, while informing its membership of new developments. Every three years, the American Heartworm Symposium draws researchers and veterinarians from all over the world to present, hear and discuss the latest scientific information on heartworm disease.


The American Heartworm Society’s Triennial Heartworm Symposium takes place September 11-13 at the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Topics will include:

  • Resistance/lack of efficacy. Researchers who continue to study this important issue, from genetic analysis of resistant heartworms to investigating ways to prevent their development, will present their findings.
  • Diagnostic techniques. New research and information on heat treatment of samples, as well as information on radiographic techniques will be presented.
  • Recent developments in heartworm treatment protocols. Practitioners can hear the latest information on heartworm treatment, from non-arsenical therapy to recent developments in heartworm treatment protocols.
  • Multimodal heartworm prevention. Parasitologists, entomologists and others will discuss vector epidemiology and the role of vector control in heartworm prevention.
  • Feline heartworm disease. Feline heartworm remains an under-diagnosed disease, while only a small percentage of cats are on preventives. Practitioners will learn the latest about feline heartworm disease and heartworm associated respiratory disease (HARD).

Presenters include the brightest minds in the world when it comes to understanding heartworm disease, as well as those involved in the latest research. These presentations are also published in a peer-reviewed proceedings, and the information is shared with the wider veterinary community through the communications efforts of the Society. It’s an information-packed meeting that is well-suited to veterinarians in practice.

The American Heartworm Society also provides a number of additional educational resources and services, including symposia, publications, client education materials and heartworm outreach to veterinarians and the public. The ultimate goal: to promote effective procedures for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heartworm disease.

Source: American Heartworm Society

Among the presenters is John McCall, MS, PhD who recently presented phase 2 of his ground-breaking research at the American Veterinary Medical Association convention in San Antonio, Texas. His findings demonstrate an even greater need to change the approach in fighting the rising incidence of heartworm infection in dogs. Phase 2 of McCall’s study further supports using a topical parasiticide to repel and kill mosquitoes, rather than relying solely on an oral heartworm preventive. These two studies combined send a powerful message regarding the efficacy of a double defense protocol.

Find out more about the double defense protocol here or visit for more information.


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  1. Hi I am Dr William Kerley was at the conference and mentioned joining in 1977. The journals listed members at the time but was not listed as that was when I joined however mentioned that Austin Tx was never a conference host but in 1992 the conference was there March 27- Apr 1. I’m old but I did remember being there for an event. My oldest was recently married he and his wife came down from his base in Louisiana

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