A Healthy Coat Equals A Healthy Pet


If you think that a healthy coat is made from sprays and spritzes, think again. It may look good for a couple of days but long-term, you may be destroying your pets coat with what you are using on it.

KNOW THIS: A Good, Strong, Healthy coat starts from the inside. Good nutrition, inside and out, exercise and overall pet happiness is the basis of a good coat.

Nutrition from the inside


“Lulu holding a brush” By Anniina Rutanen.
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Nutrition is key to coat growth, the life of the fur or hair and the ability to replace itself. Depending on the situation, feeding a good quality diet multiple times a day may be necessary to maintain a healthy coat. The market is full of powders, pastes and potions to top dress the food bowl and supplement the coat. I find that natural mixtures, not processed products, work best and have nutrients that are more readily available, while being easily digested and absorbed by the pet. Once digested, they are properly utilized by the body and have a greater chance of feeding down to a cellular level. I am a firm believer in digestive enzymes Enzymes help pre-digest the diet and support the breakdown of nutrients, making them more readily available, particularly in senior pets, show animals and those that have compromised immune systems due to stress or genetics.

Additionally, hydration is key. Offering adequate water throughout the day is very important for flushing toxins out of the system. Clean, clear water, with nothing added is key, so that that the liver and kidneys don’t have anything to filter.

Nutrition on the outside

Sheryl Bradbury's Dog, Neeni

Sheryl Bradbury’s Dog, Neeni

Feeding the existing coat is also just as important. Hydration is primary. In general, we don’t use the thick, heavy conditioners on pet hair like we do our own. Some breeds of animal do require to be “put up” in oil to protect from damage on occasion.  However, for the average pet, a light spray of moisturizer on the coat followed by a good brushing support the natural oils in the coat for some protection, and also keeps them smelling great. Something that many pets don’t get regularly is brushing, it is VERY important to brush the coat. Brushing helps spread the natural oils over the skin and strands of hair and increases the blood flow that feeds the skin and coat. The natural oils play a very important role in the health of the coat and skin.  These oils protect the skin from environmental hazards like sun, wind and dirt.  I like to spray a good quality brush with a moisturizing spray, and brush the pet twice a week. It keeps them smelling nice also.

Happy pets are healthy pets. Pets that are happy tend to be healthier in general. Spending more time with your pet, exercising, grooming, and having that pet be a part of your daily routine can really change the overall health of the pet. Pay attention to the coat by spreading the hair to look at the skin, do general grooming by brushing the coat and washing their face, take them for walks routinely, and include them in family activities. Change will naturally come about.

 Some tips for a healthy coat:

  • Feed a Good Quality Diet
  • Offer Natural Supplements
  • Consider Digestive Enzymes
  • Water, Water, and more Water
  • Moisturize the Coat
  • Brush the Coat
  • Happy Pets are Healthy Pets

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  1. Great article and it shows how a good diet can make the coat in dogs healthier and strong. think giving apple cider vinegar is another way we can make the coat better. Just add small amount in the dog food. Lesser number of fleas is another advantage of having a healthy coat.

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