It’s All Red


Red as in that’s the color our team wore to kick-off a press conference announcing Dr. John McCall’s Phase Two Heartworm Study.

It was an action packed weekend at the AVMA convention in San Antonio. The AVMA convention meets once a year to elect AVMA officers and for veterinary professionals to network and discuss the latest issues and trends in their field. The GNFP team joined the thousands of veterinary professionals to learn about these hot topics ourselves. The trade show floor accompanying the conference is where we learned all about the hot new products in the veterinary world, which we covered here.

Each booth had a unique way of exhibiting their products, usually with a fun quiz or video game to draw people into their booth. However, it wasn’t all fun and games… at least for one of us. As shown in the video below, team member Casey fell victim to one too many tricks by a magician on the convention floor. Safe to say she’ll be keeping a better “watch” on the next magician she encounters.

At the end of the conference, we visited the Alamo. We definitely recommend stopping here if you ever find yourself in the area, as it was a great little piece of American history and quite educational.

GNFP team at The Alamo.

Team at The Alamo.

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