Zoomark International 2011 Global Exhibition, International Visibility

1,000 brands, 363 exhibitors from 37 countries all over the world participate at Zoomark International 2011, from 12th to 15th May at BolognaFiere. The sector of pet products and supplies is growing despite the crisis

In 2010, the sector of food for cats and dogs registered a positive performance of 2.2%, with a turnover of over 1,536 million Euros and a volume of over 503,000 tons (+0.7%).

The indication is clear: despite the global economic crisis, the Italian market of pet products and supplies is still experiencing a positive trend, and the industrial offer features constant investments on innovation, which supports the new purchasing trends of pet owners.

The family has a new member

In Italy it is a matter of fact: more than one out of three families lives with a pet. According to Eurispes data, 41.7% of Italians has a pet: they are over 10 millions. 48.4% of them has a dog, while 33.4% lives with a cat. Fish or turtles are respectively 4.9% and 4.7%, while birds (4.1%), rabbits (2.1%), hamsters (1.6%) and reptiles (0.8%) are less frequent in Italian families.

According to Euromonitor data, there are about 7 million dogs and 7.4 millions of cats in Italy. The third most frequent pet in Italian families is rabbit, with 2 millions, followed by a million of freshwater turtles, 500,000 rodents, 50,000 iguanas, 10,000 snakes and around 500,000 exotic animals. Birds and fish are the most common pets in Italy, since each family usually lives with more than one specimen: 13 millions of birds and nearly 30 millions of fish.

1,000 brands at Zoomark International 2011

Pets have an increasingly important role in the structure of quickly-evolving families: they are considered life companions and real members of the family. This trend affects the purchasing decision of owners: thanks to the increased affection, the attention dedicated to pets is the same dedicated to humans.

This is the background for the opening of the 14th Zoomark International, on 12th May at BolognaFiere: for four days, the main players of the market will meet to discuss perspectives and global strategies.

The exhibition has been sold out for several months now, proving the importance of the event as point of reference for the international market. All the most relevant names of the pet market are present, besides new and innovatory brands from the international scenario: the list of exhibitors is available at www.zoomark.it.

Over 1,000 brands, 636 exhibitors (58% from 37 foreign countries), all the Italian companies, a new group from Malaysia and foreign representatives from USA, UK, Canada, China and Brazil. Exhibitors from Russia, North and East Europe (which have strongly increased compared to the past exhibitions), from Far East and " new entry – from Barbados and South Korea.

Vital market boosts innovation

The goods offered range from food to accessories and services: the exhibition is a fundamental tool to understand the trends and perspectives of Italian and international market. Special attention is paid to the news and trends launched during the Bologna exhibition.

“”Innovation, high-level competitiveness and the ability to combine new products with effective advertising campaign: these are the ingredients expected from Zoomark International 2011″”, says Adolfo Somigliana, managing director of Piesse srl, operative secretariat of Zoomark International.

“”The market is vital: exhibitors are enthusiast and willing to introduce new products on the market. Zoomark International 2011 is the chance to launch most of them. That is why we expect a positive and qualified reply from visitors”” says Giuseppe Pierini, managing director of Piesse srl.

“”Zoomark International 2011 is the chance to meet with a growing sector, which can provide new solutions to the increasing integration of pets in families. The exhibition is the most eagerly-awaited event even outside Europe””, says Marco Momoli, exhibition director at BolognaFiere.

Sold out

Just like the previous exhibitions, Zoomark International 2011 is dedicated to pet business people. The exhibition covers a single-floor surface of over 44,000 m2, divided into four halls (16, 19, 21, 22) and two entrances (Piazza Costituzione and North), which are directly connected with two broad car parks.

Besides the exhibition, Zoomark International 2011 also offers conferences and high-level specialized meetings: it is the international point of reference for the market perspectives and for the trends related to the bond between man and pet. These issues also attract media, interested in the reasons and the evolution of pet increase in European families.


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