Wiscasset, Maine Dog Owner Wins Latest Planet Dog Giveaway

(New York) Carol M. James of Wiscasset, Maine was announced as the winner of the “”Green Orbee-Tuff® Bulb with Treat SpotTM“” on Wednesday, December 23rd, the third week of the Planet Dog Giveaway on Goodnewsforpets.com.

James has a 2 ½ year old black lab named Emma that she claims “”is just like a child when she gets a new treat or gift.”” She also said that “”she was in need of new treat toys”” and knows that “”this will be safe and fun for her.””

James found goodnewsforpets through the Planet Dog Twitter page. After surfing through the site she registered for the e-newsletter because she knew she could “”get all the great information and news as it is updated.””


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