Winners of Hill’s Writing Competition Announced

The winners of the 2007 Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. Innovations in Public Health Award have been announced.

Sponsored by Hill’s and coordinated by the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges, the annual award encourages the submission of veterinary-related papers for the (Health and Human Services) Secretary’s Award for Innovation in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. AVMA Vice President Charles M. Hendrix is a cofounder of the Hill’s award and one of its top advocates among veterinary students.

The Hill’s writing competition mirrors that of the Secretary’s Award and encourages single and interdisciplinary proposals. The written proposals must have a veterinary-related theme, and award applicants must be enrolled in a veterinary medical curriculum.

This year’s winners are as follows: First place ($1,000): Cathryn T. Youmans, University of Tennessee, for “Improving the quality of life for pet-owning Meals on Wheels recipients with flea and tick prevention.” Second place ($750): Evan Apotheker, Purdue University, for “The modern day canary: A novel and cost-effective system for detecting highly pathogenic avian influenza in the United States.” Third place ($500): Aleisha Nesset, Iowa State University, for “The international traveler’s infectious disease handbook.”

The winning entries are posted on the AAVMC Web site at


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