Winn Feline Foundation Announces Veterinary Honor Roll Program

Manasquan, NJ (July 9, 2007) — Winn Feline Foundation announces the launch of a new program designed to promote and enhance the relationship between pet owners and their veterinarians. Pet owners often feel a deep appreciation for the care their pets receive from their veterinarians, a sentiment that they may find difficult to express yet long to honor. Winn offers the ideal solution to this very human quandary:

Winn Feline Foundation Veterinary Honor Roll
The Veterinary Honor Roll not only expresses gratitude in a tangible way to a worthy veterinarian, it also provides funds for feline health research — a gift that will resonate for years to come. For a donation as small as $100, Winn will send a beautiful framed certificate to a special veterinarian and a letter naming the donor. In addition, the veterinarian’s name will be listed on the “Veterinary Honor Roll” page on the Winn website, Steven Hull, DVM, a veterinarian who lives and practices in Arlington, Texas, is the first recipient of this new honor.

For further information about this program, please see the Winn Feline Foundation website:


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