What You Should Know About Ticks

The American dog tick is probably the most widespread tick species in the United States, and the one most commonly found on pets. The American dog tick is the primary carrier of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, a disease that can be fatal to humans in severe cases.


Ticks range in size depending on age and whether they have had a meal. Some are so small they are difficult to see.

Ages Dogs Are Most Often Affected

Ticks affect all dogs from puppies to seniors.


Ticks attach themselves to a dog’s skin and feel like bumps when you run your hands through your dog’s hair.

What You Can Do to Help

While you should check your dog for ticks after he or she has been in any area where ticks could be found, it is safer and easier to use a preventive that will kill ticks on your dog. For more information, visit your veterinarian and visit www.dogsoftherevolution.com.


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