What veterinary group led the March for World Pride 2019 in NYC?


PrideVMC Logo

PrideVMC, formerly the LGVMA, is the group that led and estimated 450 volunteers in the June 30th World Pride 2019 parade in New York City. The group included representatives from many other inclusive veterinary groups including the VMAE, major sponsors including Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Zoetis and many other supporters listed here.

PrideVMC Leader Melinda Merck with Veterinary Colleagues

PrideVMC President Melinda Merck, Mia Carey, DVM and Ralph Johnson, VMAE CEO at WorldPride 2019 in NYC









As the veterinary profession now moves into alignment with society at-large, the group too is evolving and strives to promote inclusion and community in the veterinary profession for their colleagues, their clients and community as a whole.

Holding true to this model of inclusivity, as of 2018 the former LGVMA changed the organization’s name to PRIDE Veterinary Medical Community in order to provide an umbrella to the various sexualities, gender presentations and gender identities present in their wonderful community.

The organization’s name has had various iterations over the years, but what holds true is their vision: one in which everyone in the veterinary profession and beyond can live to their full potential, both personally and professionally, conduct their lives openly and with integrity, and freely share their experience and wisdom for the betterment of and care for themselves, the veterinary profession, clients and all animals.

Read the full history of PrideVMA here. Go PrideVMA!

Veterinary Groups Support Pride VMC and WorldPride 2019 NYC


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