What is the Buddy Foundation?

A: The Buddy Foundation was named for Morris Frank’s faithful eye dog, Buddy, the first Seeing Eye Dog in this country. Buddy was one of Dr. Mark L. Morris’ first patients who was having kidney problems and responded favorably to a special diet including dry cereals, cottage cheese, minerals and meat. Mr. Frank’s blindness made it difficult for him to obtain and prepare this mixture. So Dr. Morris’ wife, Louise, canned the meal for Buddy in their garage. Eventually, word spread and the special canned diet became increasingly popular. A contract was made between Hill Packaging Company which made it possible for Dr. Mark L. Morris to fulfill his dream of starting a foundation dedicated to improving the health of companion animals. After this contract was signed, Mr. Hill stipulated that one-half cent per can of food sold would go to the newly formed Buddy Foundation, which later became named Morris Animal Foundation. For more information, visit www.morrisanimalfoundation.org.


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