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Lea-Ann Germinder, APR, Fellow PRSA, President and Founder of Germinder + Associates, Publisher of Goodnewsforpets and Founder of GNFP Digital

As I was working with our team to prepare this next #Germinder20 #PowerofPinkHonoree announcement about Manolita Moore, it struck me how many people I’ve collaborated with that work in the veterinary profession that are not veterinarians. It takes a village, a very big village to bring veterinary medicine to the public. In a veterinary hospital there are veterinary nurses and front desk receptionists, practice managers and allied consultants. In organized veterinary medicine and in industry, the legions of veterinarians and non-veterinarians working together grows even larger.

To be sure, I’ve been lucky to know and work with so many extra special brilliant board-certified veterinarians that have distinquished themselves as was evident with Dr. Dan Richardson, the last Power of Pink Honoree, and Drs. Lopbrise, Colleran and Horwitz named before him. But, they’ve also gone above and beyond to mentor and recognize others around them that are sometimes veterinarians and sometimes not. So, I didn’t think they’d mind, and I didn’t think their colleague would mind, a turn at recognizing how this great veterinary profession blends veterinarians and support teams together so well. So well in fact that I can count many people, including myself that come into veterinary medicine from other industries, and just don’t want to leave!  Manolita Moore and myself are part of that group, and mighty passionate about it.

I met Manolita Moore as we launched Goodnewsforpets.com in 2000, when Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) was a client under Steve Crane, DVM, DACVS, former executive director, yet another treasured board-certified veterinarian who helped me get Germinder + Associates off the ground. Dr. Crane gave us the opportunity to show our stuff, running the WVC traditional press room while also launching the first version of this site, Goodnewsforpets.com and a virtual newsroom for WVC. There’s one more person professionally related to her to recognize, but I’m saving that one for good reason.

Manolita was charged with running the .com Discovering Zone (and much more that year). We won a Greater-Kansas City PRSA chapter PRISM award for our work for WVC that year and the very first PRISM award for the launch website. More than that, we gained a colleague and a friend for decades. Thank you Dr. Crane for introducing me to Manolita and for your unwavering support.  And thank you Manolita, our next #Germinder20 #PowerofPinkHonoree.

Lea-Ann Germinder




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