FORT WORTH, TX, Jan. 4, 2002-Virbac, a leader in animal health and dermatology, has introduced KetoChlor, the first veterinary ketoconazole-based shampoo available in the U.S. that fights both bacterial and fungal skin infections in dogs and cats.

Pets suffer from a variety of problems affecting the skin, and there are many underlying causes of skin infections, including allergies, autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorders, nutritional factors, environment and more. Additional risk factors causing skin infections may include inappropriate bathing, excessive swimming, too much or too little humidity, and breed specific circumstances of skin and haircoat type.

Not only does KetoChlor relieve the signs of skin infections, it also reaches the root of the problem and addresses the underlying infection. Signs of fungal and/or bacterial infection in dogs and cats may include:

  • papule (small solid elevation of the skin less than 1 cm)
  • pustule (a papule filled with pus)
  • pruritus (itching) o alopecia (hair loss)
  • erythema (red, irritated skin)
  • grease and odor
  • crusts and scales
  • hyperpigmentation (darkened skin)

KetoChlor shampoo is an easy-to-use, topically applied product which provides added convenience to the pet owner resulting in increased compliance. Its dual-action capabilities result in quick resolution of susceptible skin infections.

“One of the biggest problems regarding shampoo therapy is owner compliance,” said Robert Kennis, D.V.M., A.C.V.D., a specialist in veterinary dermatology. “KetoChlor, however, is a cosmetically pleasing product with a nice fragrance. It has good lathering properties and rinses cleanly.”

“KetoChlor is beneficial for combination infections,” Dr. Kennis said. “I would consider using this product on dogs that have both bacterial skin infection and Malassezia (yeast) dermatitis at the same time. I would also consider using KetoChlor as a maintenance shampoo for dogs with a history of recurrent bacterial and yeast infections.”

KetoChlor is a combination of 1% ketoconazole, an antifungal, and 2% chlorhexidine, an antibacterial. The fragrant shampoo is available in eight ounce bottles and is sold only through licensed veterinarians.

If your pet experiences skin problems, the best advice is to have your veterinarian check it out to find the cause of the irritation.

Virbac Corporation, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, is a companion animal health company and a leader in dermatological and oral hygiene products for pets. For more information on KetoChlor, the public may call 1-800-338-3659.

Virbac Corporation is a $53 million U.S., publicly traded company listed on the Nasdaq/NM under the symbol: (VBAC). The company was formed on March 5, 1999, when Agri-Nutrition Group Ltd. and Virbac Inc. completed their merger. Virbac Corporation is an affiliate of the $300 million French animal health company Virbac, S.A., which is traded on the (Second Marche/SICOVAM:3157).



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