Virbac Announces Expansion of Glycotechnology in Dermatology Line

FORT WORTH, Texas (January 18, 2009) Virbac Animal Health (Virbac) today announced a campaign to include the anti-adhesive technology called glycotechnology in more of the company’s dermatology line of products. Glycotechnology is a patent-pending advancement that reduces adherence of bacteria and yeast to the skin surface offering pets “an extra coat of protection.”

“Dermatology is an important part of every practice and is often an overlooked opportunity. Glycotechnology is intended to focus veterinarians on this area of the practice with exciting new results. Virbac’s line of dermatology products featuring glycotechnology make an ideal product choice for veterinarians and pet owners,” said Dena Ware, Virbac Marketing Manager. “Managing dermatological conditions, with the help of glycotechnology, allows general practitioners to offer their clients an economical way to provide comfort to their pets while protecting their pets’ skin year-round.”

Glycotechnology utilizes a unique combination of monosaccharides and analkylpolyglucoside that reduces bacterial yeast adhesion to the stratum corneum. This action physically disrupts microorganism colonization on the skin surface and may delay the onset of irritation due to topical bacteria or yeast.

Virbac’s dermatology products featuring glycotechnology are easy to use and may help pet owners save money by cutting down or eliminating the need to take their pet to the groomer.

“Dermatology issues affecting pets do not have to be limited solely to experts and dermatology specialists,” said Dr. Lesley Carrier, DVM and Field Technical Services Veterinarian for Virbac. “The great thing about Virbac dermatology products with glycotechnology is that the products are so user friendly and any general practitioner or pet owner can use them to protect and treat their pet’s skin throughout the year or as needed.”

Pet owners can purchase Virbac dermatology products through their veterinarian to treat their pet’s specific skin condition. Use of these products range from two to three times a week for a period of three to four weeks to daily use based on the severity of their pet’s skin condition and recommendations from their veterinarian. Using Virbac products with glycotechnology also helps prevent or treat skin conditions or diseases in pets associated with Allergic Dermatitis, Keratoseborrheic Disorders, Infectious Dermatitis and Otitis Externa.

Allergic Dermatitis causes excessive itching from allergies, parasites or a skin infection. Keratoseborrheic Disorders are associated with Sicca (dry or scaly skin) and Oleosa (greasy skin and hair coat, yellow-brown clumps of fatty material and waxy, unpleasant smelling ears). Infectious Dermatitis results in Ringworm (circular hair loss and scaling), Pyoderma (hair loss, pruritus and collarettes) and Malassezia (hair loss, hyperpigmentation and yeasty odor). Otitis Externa is associated with unpleasant smelling, yeasty ears, excessive wax buildup in ears, inflammation and redness and excessive itchiness or repetitive scratching of the ears.

Glycotechnology can be found in Virbac’s popular line of shampoos including most recently Allergroom® Shampoo, as well as Allermyl® Shampoo, Epi-Soothe® Shampoo, Hexadene® Shampoo, Keratolux® Shampoo and KetoChlor® Shampoo. These shampoos are designed to offer a cleansing, anti-irritant formula that works without the use of antibiotics. Glycotechnology is also formulated in Epi-Otic Advanced® Ear Cleanser and ResiKetoChlor® Leave-On Lotion. In 2009, Virbac also plans to reformulate ResiCORT® Leave-On Lotion, Sebolux® Shampoo, Pyoben® Shampoo and Resi-Zole® Leave-On Lotion to include glycotechnology.

Virbac is a leading companion animal health company that believes that a pet’s good health should be evident in its skin and coat. Virbac continually works to provide superior products addressing the needs of dogs and cats that both prevent and treat skin conditions. Glycotechnology is helping to advance the science of pet healthcare and each of Virbac’s dermatological products is uniquely designed to keep animals happy and healthy.

Virbac Animal Health offers veterinary products under the brand names of Soloxine®, C.E.T. ® Home Dental Care, the Virbac line of dermatology products, IVERHART MAX® and IVERHART PLUS® and Preventic®. For more information on Virbac and the company’s products, please visit


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