Virbac Animal Health Glycotechnology Fact Sheet

Virbac Animal Health is leading the way in the dermatology industry by offering dermatological products with their patent-pending, anti-adhesive and anti-irritant technology called glycotechnology. Glycotechnology reduces keratinocyte activation and cytokine production, which is key in preventing and disrupting inflammation associated with bacterial infections and allergens in pets.

Glycotechnology is formulated in the popular line of shampoos that Virbac offers including Epi-Soothe®, Keratolux®, KetoChlor® and Allermyl®. These cleansing formulas are nonirritating to pets’ skin and offer the anti-adhesive technology without the use of antibiotics. Glycotechnology is also available in ResiKetoChlor® Leave-On Lotion which is beneficial between shampoos or when shampooing may not be an option, such as in cold weather or for use on cats. ResiKetoChlor® Leave-On Lotion allows for ease of application and prolonged contact time with the hair coat and skin without any oily or sticky residue.

With its anti-adhesive technology, glycotechnology reduces the adherence of bacteria such as Staphylococcus, and Pseudomonas and yeast, such as Malassezia to the skin surface of pets. Glycotechnology utilizes a unique combination of monosaccharides and analkylpolyglucoside to reduce bacteria and yeast adhesion to the stratum corneum. This action physically disrupts microorganism colonization on the skin surface and may delay the onset of irritation due to topical bacteria or yeast. Staphylococcus can result in skin abscesses, infections of the skin, eyes, ears or respitory system of pets. It can also cause severe itching and inflammation of the skin. Glycotechnology helps to inhibit Staphylococcus adherence on pets by 48 percent. Glycotechnology also helps to inhibit Pseudomonas adherence by 53 percent and the adherence of Malassezia (which can result in hair loss, hyperpigmentation and yeasty odor) by 53 percent.

Glycotechnology is also formulated in Virbac’s Epi-Otic Advanced® Ear Cleanser to help relieve inflammation associated with Otitis Externa, which can be accompanied by an unpleasant smell, yeasty or excessive wax buildup in ears, inflammation and redness, excessive itchiness and repetitive scratching of the ears.


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