Veterinary Technicians Celebrate 20th Anniversary in “”Grand”” Style

Battle Ground, Ind. | March 23, 2001

Veterinary technicians were in the spotlight at this year’s Western Veterinary Conference, held at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev. During the conference, the North American Veterinary Technician Association (NAVTA) celebrated its 20th anniversary, hosted the International Veterinary Nurses and Technicians Association (IVNTA) for the first time, and conducted its third Leadership Conference.

Dr. Stephen Crane, executive director of WVC said, “”the events scheduled at this year’s conference were designed to provide a tribute to the overall accomplishments of the veterinary technician.”” Dr. Crane and Western Veterinary Conference hosted a special evening event to pay tribute to veterinary technicians and their contributions to the profession.

Representatives of the IVNTA and their countries were recognized in a formal ceremony. Each representative was provided an escort who was a veterinary technician serving in the military. The escort carried the flag from that representative’s country of origin.

Brigadier General Richard Ford, the only veterinarian to have achieved the rank of general, made a special appearance at the anniversary event. Dr. Ford has been actively involved in the growth of the veterinary technology profession. He recognized the accomplishments of veterinary technicians and commented on how great it was to see so many veterinary technicians celebrating their profession. “”It is truly rewarding to be a part of a ceremony to recognize the accomplishments of those in the profession,”” Dr. Ford said.

The yearlong celebration of NAVTA’s 20th year kicked off during the evening celebration. Patrick Navarre, BS, RVT, and NAVTA’s executive director noted, “”The association strives to represent veterinary technicians on issues affecting their profession and has members in all fifty states and Canada. During the last five years, membership has grown by 1000 members.”” Navarre also said that the NAVTA motto, “”Connecting veterinary technicians to one another and the profession to the world”” reflects the association’s goal to keep its members up to date on the current events and advancements in veterinary medicine.
NAVTA also hosted the IVNTA’s Annual General Meeting, held for the first time in the U.S. The IVNTA is an association of member countries that seek to foster and promote links with veterinary nursing staff worldwide by communication and co-operation. Formed in 1993, the goals of the IVNTA are to promote the profession of veterinary technology/nursing worldwide, raise the standards of veterinary technician/nursing training and care, provide help and support between member countries, and foster an exchange of experience, knowledge, and staff between member countries.

The following technicians represented their countries at this year’s meeting:

  • Sandy Hass (Canada)
  • Jannie Larssen (Denmark)
  • Katrina Anhava (Finland)
  • Chiharu Ishida (Japan)
  • Janet Molyneux (New Zealand)
  • Marilie Bester (South Africa)
  • Cornelia Rotzler (Switzerland)
  • Carole Bowden (UK)
  • Julie Urban (US)

IVNTA members discussed many important issues during their meeting including the most effective way of sharing information between member countries. Marilie Bester, of South Africa, was “”grateful for the hospitality shown the technicians representing the IVNTA”” and commented on the similarities in the issues facing the profession in all countries around the world.

Navarre, also commented on the success of the Third NAVTA Leadership Conference, “”Veterinary technician leaders from twenty-three states and provinces were represented.”” He went on to thank Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) who sponsored the conference, which is held for the purpose of bringing together leaders of state veterinary technician associations. The daylong program focused on leadership development, mentoring, and planning for the profession’s future. Round table discussions offered the opportunity for networking between the leaders.

For additional information contact NAVTA at (765) 742-2216.


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